April through an Astrological Lens

April through an Astrological Lens

Astrological predictions and aspects tend to act as a huge part of our Indian lifestyle. And we mention ‘Indian’ here specifically because astrology and all the prediction forms related to the same are regarded as of utmost importance in our culture. Some people still aim at predicting every move of their day, week, or even month. Even though the millennial generation does not come to terms with these ancient beliefs, but our elderly and old school personalities help us in maintaining and keeping these traditions alive. So, as for this article let us predict the astrological notions and possibilities in April. Have a look at the two major observations of this month below.


April is a very special month in astrology and it all starts on April 6th. What makes this day special is the fact that on this day Jupiter will form a semi-square with Chiron. This is just the start as it is the first phase of three. The other takes place in August and November. It means that it is a time in our life when we are thirsty for knowledge and want to understand the different meanings. However, our desire to understand will be difficult because personal beliefs will not be truly affected. It will be extremely difficult to attract ourselves with a personal philosophy as it none will hit home. During this period, we may experience a loss of faith in a way. Whenever you feel this way you’ll think that it is easier to follow something that everyone else is following but you need to make sure that you know what you truly need and believe. It should be our decision and it should be up to you what to follow or what to choose in your life. If you’re to start something new like a new business don’t jump into the idea right away, be sure about it and be very careful about it as you don’t want to make a rash decision. If you truly want to start a business be the one who knows everything about it and before anything take a closer look.


9th April is a very important day in astrology as Saturn forms a trine to the north of the moon. During this period our main priority is to grow in life and find ways to improve ourselves in everything. It is that time when we are ready to take the next step and try things that are necessary to fulfill our purpose. Some of these ideas or methods might be new but during this phase of our life, we are ready to try them. It is possible that the methods or ideas that we are currently using are not working, it is time to get rid of the old ideas or methods and it is time to start with something new for our growth.

 Many times you want to achieve things or do things by yourself but you’re starting to believe that there is more power in a group. You are starting to believe in the concept of a group and sharing your message. It will be very beneficial for you to be with people of the same ideals as sharing your ideas will only make things better and improve your work. At the end of the day, this will most likely give you more opportunities in life and will teach you about the importance of working with others. You will also know what it's like to work with more experienced or older people in life as working with them will make you grow and boost your confidence.