April Monthly Zodiac Horoscope for Libra

A warm welcome to all the Libra people reading their monthly horoscope for April. With the Full Moon in Libra in March comes a new slate for everybody to begin again, to release all the negativity that has been holding them back and finding new things and passions to pursue in April. Libra, this month, is going to be very self-reflective for you. No matter how hard you try to distract yourself by working on something or carrying out an activity, your mind will be asking very philosophical questions. You will feel the need to withdraw to a quiet place for some introspection. People around you may find it weird because you are the social butterfly of all the zodiacs. Use the quiet time for self introspection and shine forth.

 Finish your projects just in time with Mercury entering Aries      

With Mercury entering in Aries on April 3, you do not have to worry about your sudden detachment from the world. After two to three days of self-introspection, Libra natives will want to enter into the social world again, revived and fully energized. Mercury is the planet that represents communication, exchange of ideas, technology, social media, etc. With Mercury entering the fiery natives, Libra people will want to finish their projects or career-related work as soon as people. You will be surprised by the quick decisions you will take during this phase as when Mercury enters the Ram sign, there’s not much time left for mulling. Whether you want to start a business or profess your love to your long-term partner, now is the perfect time to do so!

Connect with your Inner child to enhance your authenticity Libra!

 The first week of April will be fast-paced. If you develop a habit of writing, do not be surprised. You’ll want to keep track of things when they become fast-paced. It is also a cherry on top in the second week for Libras, as the New Moon will occur in the sign of the Ram as well. New Moon is a good time to plant a seed of your goal that you wish to fulfill as the lunar cycle progresses. New Moon in many cultures is also represented by the colour black, or Kala, which means new beginnings. They take place when the Sun and the Moon are on the same degree of the zodiac at the same time. New Moon in Aries will make the supposedly balanced Libras full of impetuousness. Impetuousness should not be interpreted in the wrong way. Aries is considered to be the child of the zodiac line, so use this New Moon to connect with your inner child. Have fun and make your life simple again by reminding yourself that we’re here on this Earth for a very brief time. Utilize this fiery and childish energy, dear Libra, to enhance your charm and authenticity. 

 Feel comfortable in your relationship

 Just after the New Moon, the planet Venus will be entering Taurus on 14 April. Venus represents sexuality, childbirth, marriage, love connection, sensuality, beauty, and aesthetics. With Venus in Taurus, this is the time to make yourself financially stable. If you’re tired of the same old Libra, this is the time to rejuvenate yourself by spending time with your spouse. You’ll feel content and very blessed to be in their company. Venus in Taurus highlights the need for all the zodiacs to be secure, fulfilled, and comfortable in a union. The energy of this transition is very stable and it will add a mature flavour to your marriage or your relationship. It has added benefits too as Sun will also enter Taurus on 19 April. Ground yourself with your spouse and remind yourself how blessed you are to have them in your life. 

 The right amount of action and balance makes for a wonderful life

 On April 23, Mars will be entering into Cancer. The energies of this period will be passive but emotionally driven. Libra, if you feel that you’re infested with traumas of the past, now is the time to release them. Generally speaking, Libras remember everything of their past, even the smallest details. If you’re finding it hard to forgive somebody or let go of a memory, use this placement of Mars to focus on yourself and forgive others as you do not have to carry all the burdens of your past. Action with balance will taper your light wonderfully, dear Libras!

 Use the quiet time in the beginning of April for some self-introspection Libra and shine forth!

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