April Monthly Zodiac Horoscope for Leo

April Monthly Zodiac Horoscope for Leo

Bloom like a flower in April Leo by reading about your monthly horoscope!

Warm greetings to all the Leo people who are reading their monthly horoscope for April. Leo is the fifth zodiac sign among all the other zodiacs. Leos are born between July 22 to 22 August. So, if you’re born between the same dates, you’re a Leo! Leos are considered to be natural leaders. Symbolized by the Lion, their spirit is courageous, bold, and candid. Leo as a fire sign has high potential to transform themselves time to time again and this is what they’ll be doing in April. 

The Planet Mercury will enter Aries on April 3 which is excellent for Leos to make short trips or voyages to places you dreamt about going to. The trip could be with co-workers or family. Mercury is all about communication and technology and when it enters Aries, the energy is heightened where every zodiac sign will try to express themselves fully either through social media or by engaging in community welfare works. Do not be surprised Leo if you spend your time volunteering for a social cause on the weekends! It will be a wonderful addition to your life. You’ll gain a sense of satisfaction you did not feel before. 

Making offbeat career choices with the New Moon

New Moons are all about new beginnings, planting a desire and wanting it to sprout like a full-fledged fruit on a tree. With the New Moon that will happen on April 11 in Aries, the fiery spirit of Aries will predispose the already bold Leo to make offbeat career choices and decisions. Offbeat can mean different things to everyone. But for a Leo, the second week of April will make them realize the shortage of time. They’ll feel the pressing need to do something out of the blue, something that can benefit the whole society. You could be actively engaged and work for the community welfare or serve needy people. Dear Leo, not many people would admire this move of yours but who cares? Retain your lion's strength and do not fall for other people’s criticism. 

All about Leo’s love life in sync with Venus entering Taurus

With New Moon in Aries and Venus entering Taurus, your love life will want you to stay grounded in reality. On one hand, you’ll want to do spontaneous acts of love like gifting your spouse the most expensive diamond ring in the world, but at the same time, you’ll feel the need to reign in your expenses. This tendency would have nothing to do with your spouse. If you’ve married Leo, your spouse will be pleasantly surprised. The impetuous energy of the Ram sprouting with New Moon will be counterbalanced with Venus in Taurus on April 14. Venus rules everything related to the body, beauty, sensuality, and sex. Taurus is an Earth sign which relies and thrives on stability and security.

Things to look out for in the second week of April:

Jealous tendencies 


Being fickle in commitments 


Unnecessary penchant for sensuality 

If you look out for these things, your love life will blossom magnificently. 

April will be all about dealing with intense energies, Leo! Just after the Venus transit, astrologically, Mars will enter into Cancer on April 23, which is the last half of the April month. You could feel moody, touchy, and at the same time withdrawn from people around you. Mars is the planet that makes one act. Mars is also the planet that affects what makes us tick off or angry. Make sure to observe everything before reacting to Leos. Your reaction could be very heated at this time if not taken full control of them. 

What to do when Mars enters Cancer:

Maintain a Gratitude Journal to avoid mood swings and unnecessary reactions 

Stop blaming everyone around you

Communicate clearly as Cancer tends passive-aggressiveness. This phase can make you bottle your feelings and words inside unless someone makes you tick and you go off completely. 

Invite your best friends for dinner or a slumber party. Remind yourself that you’re very lucky to have them. 

Plan a trip for your parents as Cancerian energy is very loving and warm. They’ll appreciate this gesture. 

April will end with the Full Moon in Scorpio that will happen on April 26. If you’re holding any sort of resentment for anybody, release it with this full moon. Find balance and peace. If all of these things are taken care of Leo, you shall bloom like a flower in April!