Approaching into the World of Sun and Astrology – How Sun Affects Our Charts?

Approaching into the World of Sun and Astrology – How Sun Affects Our Charts?

As we know that astrology is made up of several factors that we all need to take into consideration to attain a certain level of spirituality in life. Speaking of astrology, we dont mean to bore out in here, but there are a few factors that you should know about one of the most important planets in the course of astrology.

What is the first thing that you do once you wake up? Well, this question is not for the lay bugs out there, but for the ones who are the early to bed early to rise kind of people. So, were sure yahoo must the people of this discipline’s category tend to pay a little tribute to the Sun every morning.

So, according to this, for all those who tend to begin their day by praising the planet of light and power they should have a piece of detailed information about this planet. Even the lazy bugs should probably just get off their slouchy sofas and come in here to read a little something about the Sun.

Insight into the sunny rays!!

The Sun is the planet that represents fatherhood and it also takes control of your soul. Being the most delightful and bright planet, it tends to take up the responsibility of providing light to all the other planets and the distance between a particular plane and the sun, thus determines the strength that the particular planet holds.

If youre lucky, and if the Sun is in a benefic position, then the native might be fortunate enough to be disciplined and successful in life. But what about all the factors? Well, dont worry were not letting you go empty-handed my friend, just have a look at the various factors related to the planet Sun.

What detects a weak sun in your chart?

As we have given you the much-needed insight about the planet of the Sun, but now it is time for you to be a little more cautious in terms of this planet. Because you need to determine a few of your actions just to make sure that whether or not is the sun, weak in your natal chart. Symbols and indications like low self-esteem, minimal morals, undermining self-confidence, or just a general low on life kind of state, all these factors indicate the signs of a weak sun in your chart.

So, if youre not feeling yourself lately, or if you feel like depending on your friends and family for your sense of identity then you can easily assume that the malefic effects of the Sun are acting upon you. Even in terms of your physical state recurring issues with your digestive system, issues with your organs, and other health problems might also be an indication of weak sun.

Whats the perfect gemstone?

Oohlala!! Are we talking diamonds and other stones now? Well, not particularly diamond, ladies so dont get your hopes high. The perfect gemstone for the Sun will be, Ruby. The specifications are that it should be a minimum of two carats in size and most importantly it should be based in gold, which in turn should be at least fourteen carats or more. And no, you cant just wear it on any of your fingers, it needs to be worn on the ring finger of your right hand.

Colors and Herbs!

Colors and herbs that are associated with the sun are as per the properties of this planet. light, clear and bright colors like the shades of reds, yellows and golds might work, but make sure yahoo loud and extra popping colors shall not be entertained. And the herbs or aromatic fragrances on the other hand are black pepper, saffron, cardamom, eucalyptus, and cinnamon.

The assigned deities and mantras!

Speaking of the different deities associated with this planet are the lord of the universe, Mahadeva, or shall we say lord Shiva, as well as lord Vishnu. And as for the mantras for this planet, OM SURYA NAMAH is the most common and recommended one.

Individual approaches to be taken!

The individual who tends to work towards strengthening the presence of the sun in their lives, they need to incorporate a certain sense of courage and independence in oneself. They should have the guts to challenge their fears and live up to those no matter what. Just keep in testing your skills and make yourself your competition to gain that sense of self-confidence and morale.