Angel number 1212 and it's meaning

Angel number 1212 and it's meaning

Seeing 1212 on repeat the mode is in no way a coincidence but definitely a divine sign and message from the higher realms for you. It is known to be one of the most essential ascension code portals which show significant growth on the path of spirituality. When you see this number known that you are connecting your spirit and inner being with the unity consciousness, which would further heighten the divine love in you and help in activating new frequencies of the energy on Earth that would help you in evolving the planet to the new consciousness. There are some significant reasons recorded upon why one is seeing 1212 repeatedly-

You are about to level up in your spiritual journey

The most crucial meaning of seeing 1212 again and again is that you as an infinite soul are undergoing rapid changes and transforming spiritually in life from your day to day experiences. The angels want to draw your attention to this number as they want you to fasten your growth by being alert and aware of the present moment. With the newfound awareness, you can easily view your life circumstances and conditions with a brand new perspective which aware and transformed to unlock the precious divine knowledge and heightened awareness present inside you. Here the universe wishes to remind you that all your desires and heart’s calling is supported and acknowledged by the creator and the angels.

Awakening code for starseeds

There are many starseeds and lightworkers born here on Earth at the present moment from the higher timelines. 1212 code is an awakening template for them that in their physical form they carry a divine being and through some clarity consciousness, you can easily tap into an awakening codex of your inner being and make your higher self-align and come in contact with your special gifts and abilities. These higher and transforming abilities are presented to you so that you can come in alignment with your reality and be in service to others for the greatest interest of all the people involved. So, whenever angels send you 1212, make sure to clear your mind off the pessimism and dive deep into the state of your higher consciousness which embodies peace and stillness.

Angel number 1212 and love

When coming to relationships and love, angel number 1212 signifies a welcoming and positive change ahead in your life. It might also signify that you have shifted to a new timeline now and open to give and receive love more than ever now. In case you are already committed this could possibly mean that your love life has the potential to take on more harmonious and positive shifts. Angel Number 1212 also denotes that a higher being is providing you with all the necessary support and helping you in fulfilling your life’s mission and purpose. It advises you to stay positive and achieve great a great future by playing an important role in increasing your manifestation capabilities.

Stay optimistic and positive with your thoughts

Another important reminder when you notice 1212 signs is to stay optimistic and positive with your thinking and to possess an optimistic mind state. This is because of the fact that when you infuse positivity and goodness in your thoughts, you are in all sense creating great outcomes in your life ultimately tapping in your highest potential. The first and foremost way to maintain positivity is by being grateful and thankful for whatever you possess. This way you are inviting in more abundance and prosperity in your present-day and future timelines. When it comes to relationships, you will notice that people start getting attracted more towards you as your radiant light and support brings peace to them. The key message here is to have positive thoughts and thinking to attract the right things into your life and reality. This basically sums up to watch your words and thoughts to witness your transforming and a new reality.

You will undergo rapid spiritual ascension

One of the most crucial aspects of seeing 1212 is to make you aware of the rapid spiritual awakening and ascension that you would undergo soon, this transformation will bring the profound experience into your life that will help you in becoming more spiritually wake and to connect with your inner state of being. 12 is referred to as being the number of creation and 1212 together means connecting oneself with the unity consciousness. It also means that you possess the ultimate power to make choices and build a strong and nurturing foundation for yourself. It also means you will soon come in contact with your divine mentor, who would help and motivate you in your spiritual growth and transformation.

Be mindful of the energy you are attracting in your life

1212 often comes as a reminder to make you conscious and aware of your thoughts and the energy you are sending out into the universe and to others in your circle. It works on the principle of like attracts like, that is, if you will throw out positivity in the universe you will gain optimism back into your life and vice versa. This generally happens because when we send out a negative thought into the universe, it further multiplies and comes back into our existence.

Restore the lost balance in your life

1212 angel number repeatedly tries to convey to us a need to bring back the lost balance in our life.  Wherein, the number 1 represents our own multitude existence and number 2 signifies balance and harmony in our lives. It often appears to remind us to get back on track when we get off balance in life due to certain work commitments and new relationships in life. This also means that a specific materialistic goal and desire is blinding and unfolding us to other important things in our life. This sequence also reminds us that we are giving power to someone or something that no longer adds positivity but in return is holding us back.