Analyzing your Name with a Numbered Lens- Name Numerology Number

Astrological methods and the concepts related to the same tends to give us a lot of ways to determine the future and to face our present. But one of the most important aspects of this prediction game is the gamble that we perform with numbers. No, now dont get us wrong, this is not the kind of gamble youre thinking of, this is a healthy and even more interesting one. Numerology aims at playing a crucial role in our respective lives and this is because from our date of birth to our name everything is calculated and broken into little meanings.

Name it with numerology!

Speaking of names and date of births, well date births sure are quite directly related to the charms of numerology, but what our lovely names? Our parents, and especially Indian parent all over the world tend to believe in a lot of superstitious factors before choosing that perfect name for their little munchkin. But do you know that why is there a hustle for a perfect name? Well, we will break the ice to you and tell you that the name numerology aims at indicating the kind of person you are and each detail about your personality.

1 to 9 and A to Z- Whats your match?

Are you curious about the meaning and the essence behind your name? Well, enough of the suspense we will help you out in detecting this through the list of alphabets and the numbers assigned to each one of them. Have a look!!

A, J, S- These letters are associated with 1

B, K, T- These letters are associated with 2

C, L, U- These letters are associated with 3

D, M, V- These letters are associated with 4

E, N, W- These letters are associated with 5

F, O, X- These letters are associated with 6

G, P, Y- These letters are associated with 7

H, Q, Z- These letters are associated with 8

I and R- These letters are associated with 9

Numerologists can assess your personality traits through your first name and your last name, but for that one needs to know the numbers associated with your letters, and followed by calculating your name numerology number to get on a single digit. Speaking of digits, one should also know the traits all the numbers are associated with. So, for that have a look at our next segment.

Characterizing the numbers!

How will you identify the traits of a native without having an idea about the characteristic that each number portrays? Well, dont panic we have the right solution for you, now be attentive as we are about to float a list of name numerology numbers from 1 to 9 and their respective traits.

1- this number is all about leadership and strength

2- balanced and cooperative

3- creative souls

4- stable and genuine

5- explorer and adventurous

6- loving and responsible

7- a born leader

8- balanced individual

9- Family oriented

Now, once you calculate your name numerology number then you can quite easily and determine your traits through this list.

Insight into Cornerstone and Capstone

Calm down guys, dont be so impatient we will surely be telling you how to calculate your name numerology number, but first, you need to know a little something about the first and last alphabet of your name. The former alphabet is known as the cornerstone and speaking about this, the cornerstone which is the first alphabet of your name it provides generic guidance into your personality. And it also depicts the fact that how do you react to the opportunities you receive and your reactions to adverse situations.

The next one up is the capstone, which is known to be the last alphabet of your name. The capstone tends to display and highlight the patience and the zest that you have, to complete a task and t also represents your determination to reach the end of your goals.

Finally, the calculation!!

The wait is over boys and girls, here we are to calculate your name numerology number using all the insight gained above. As we know that the astrologers think that simply giving a comprehensive name to an individual can help that particular person reach heights and achieve whatever they may deserve to achieve. So, let us begin!!

First and foremost all you need to do is to write down your full name and then accordingly you need to sign each kettle in the name with the suitable numbers as mentioned in the list above. Now, the second step is to add all the numbers together and if your sum comes out to be in double digits which it definitely will be, so you need to add up that as well to get a single digit. For instance, if the sum of all your numbers turns to be 56, well then you will have to add up 5+6=11. Followed by the same step- 1+1=2. There you go!! You have your name numerology number.

But, there is a catch here, that if your sum comes out to be a master number, say 11, 22, or 33 well then the master numbers need not be calculated further and they should remain as double digits.

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