Analyzing the Impact of Rahu and Ketu on All the Zodiac Signs

Analyzing the Impact of Rahu and Ketu on All the Zodiac Signs

Astrological factors always indicate the essence of the Indian traditions and cultures, but there is more to these astrological norms that we already know about. The planets that tend to change their positions now and then have a deep and life-changing impact on the entire mankind. These changes can quite evident be viewed through their impact on your natal charts or your zodiac signs.

Speaking of planets and zodiac signs, do you know that these nonexistent yet existentplanets, Rahu and Ketu have changed their signs and transited to different signs? Well, dont worry even if you dont know it then what are we here for? This article will help you analyze that what impact do these mostly negative planets have on each of the zodiac sign.


To begin with, Aries because obviously, they are the all-time leaders, let us tell you that Rahu is transitioning into the second house and Ketu into the eighth house in terms of this Zodiac. And due to this development, you may face a few troubles in the financial segment as well as your relationship matters. So, we would suggest you not lose your calm as you are likely to become rude during this transit.


Patience is the key for you bulls because this transit might cause a lot of issues at your workspace due to your impatient attitude. Moreover, your married life also seems a little troubled all this while, so all you need to focus on is to see things from a calmer perspective.


Okay, so for the Geminis it is like a bumpy ride, sometimes things are smooth but at times a few bumps must hit you hard. So, this transit might be beneficial in terms of defeating your competitors and being successful. But you also need to take care of the rest, as your health and your safety seem a little tampered with.


Mood swings are on the go for these sentimental chicks. There are a few optimistic changes like your might get some of your money back. But then again, there is profit and loss, and the loss here is that the student might find it hard to focus and your relationship might start on a good note, but be careful dont trust easy!!


This transit of Rahu and Ketu is set to be great for your career. If youre someone who participates in politics on any level then you will be successful and gain momentum in your career. Rahu will transit through the 10th house and Ketu will transit through the 4th house which is extremely beneficial for your career.


As a Virgo, this transit is set to make your life a lot more stressful than before. The stress or tension may be due to something positive or negative. Rahu will transit through the 9th house which is beneficial in any way. Ketu will transit through the 3rd house. Stress may arise in your work as youre constantly in pressure situations.


This transit signifies a change in your life. Both Rahu and Ketu will bring all kinds of changes to your life. Rahu will transit through the 8th house and Ketu will transit through the 2nd house. You may feel lost in a way even from your family. There will be a noticeable change in your mood.


Rahu and Ketu may have negative effects on a Scorpio as Rahu is going to be transiting through the 7th house and Ketu will be going through the 1st house. It may mean that youll go through a tough situation at work. These houses also talk about your marital life which states that there may be problems at your home.


A Sagittarius will have a mixed effect on Rahu and Ketu. You will both have positive and negative things which will affect your life. Rahu will transition through the 6th house and Ketu will transition through the 12th house. You have enemies that dont want you to succeed but youll overcome them but you may face some unexpected health issues on the way.


It is not a good time for Capricorns. Nothing will seem right at the moment as your Rahu is transiting through the 5th house and Ketu will be transiting through the 11th house. These problems may not be your fault but the consequences will land on your shoulders. You will find some trouble in every aspect of your life.


It will be a complicated time for an Aquarius as the transit will bring potential danger to your financial gains, property and general desire may be at stake. Rahu will transit through the 4th house and Ketu will transit through the 10th house. Your decisions will have more weight than usual, you have to take any decisions very carefully after being sure about it.


It is a good time for a Pisces as things are looking up. The transit will have many positive effects on your life as you will finally have the confidence and courage that youve been looking for all this time. Rahu will transit through the 3rd house and Ketu will transit through the 9th house this will positively affect your personality a lot.