Having to be able to survive in certain cruel and adamant circumstances one needs to be on the road of practicality and have a realistic approach towards life. Speaking of practicality, Taurus deserves a major mention in this field, 20th April to 20th May are the dates belonging to the zodiac. This earth sign releases a well-grounded, tactful, and soothing kinda vibe from within. Apart from being practical since the ruler of Taurus is Venus so they have their way with love and affection. Commitment and loyalty are of utmost importance to them. All in all, they are a full package of a little difficult persona infused with an abundance of honesty and a lot of patience to wait for their share of the reward.  


Well, How can one not mention our leading ladies when it comes to Zodiacs? Speaking of leaders, Taurus women comprise of hardcore leadership qualities along with an unbeatable amount of patience. They are bold at heart and sharp at mind, and underneath this hard covering, you can always find a caring and a loving Taurus woman with immense love to shower upon their loved ones. Doing things single-handedly and effortlessly is what attracts men the most, and this is what Taurus women master in. 

Well, we always knew that women had it in them and all they needed was to trust themselves in order to shine out as bright and bold as any male personality. Speaking of male traits, apart from being artistic, loyal, introverted, and short-tempered, Taurus women also have a tomboyish side which is always fun to discover. So, are you thinking of dating a Taurus woman? Well, if you are then you might wanna have a look at the facts listed below, just to save yourself from blowing up your chance at a wonderful Taurus woman. 


To begin with, let us say that the Taurus women date back to the times when Romeo gave up his own life for Juliet and Ranjha sacrifices his will to live for his Heer. They expect the same amount of courage and charm from their partner. Taurus Women expect their man to pursue them with utmost conviction and passion so as to live an adventurous life full of love. Moreover, their old school of thought says that it is extremely important to have an immense amount of honesty in a relationship. Taking certain decisions in favor of her relationship without even realizing the consequences, is how a Taurus woman expresses her love. 

Taurus women master in the field of sensuality and they love to have their partner giving them chills and all kinds of soothing pleasures to their body. Sounds about right? Well then, all you men must pull up your socks and keep these tricks in mind as sex is in fact one of the most important aspects for this feminine native. She is greedy of love and vouches for a man whom she can be herself with, who compliments her, makes her feel good about herself self and the one who is assertive and quite rigid in his attitude as loves to have a dominative figure as her partner. 

Well, since we all know that, it’s not always sugar spice and everything nice, so let us throw some light on the dull side. Taurus women have the worst temper issue so you might wanna run for your shelter when you are the reason behind a Taurus lady’s anger. She hates changes and being lied to or if you’re unable to deliver something promised then you should get ready for a good hearing. These hardcore leaders are quite stubborn and hard to convince. But, on the brighter side, you can always make up to them by planning surprise getaways, heartfelt dinners, and don’t you worry they’re not hesitant to split the bill. So, all in all, it is not an easy road down to a Taurean’s heart, but one can always take a chance. 

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