An insight into the leo element

An insight into the leo element

Leo is one of 3 fire component symbols along with Aries and Sagittarius. Leo the Lion is known to be fixed fire, which is the steadiest and stable of the 3 fire symbols, and the fire component is liable for some of her characteristics and personality traits.


Firey Leo is compatible with other fire symbols, as well as with air symbols since air energizes fire. Leo can have compatibility with earth and water symbols also (water tends to be the least compatible), but it might require more work and bargain to get harmony and balance to connections between individuals controlled by inverse components.


All zodiac signs are controlled by a component, however, typically because of the impacts of the whole natal chart, these are adjusted by the existence of various components the rising sign, in the moon, and different houses.

However, it is possible in one controlled by the fire component to let that fire become unchecked and get lopsided. The tip is to participate in practices that assist to rebalance the fire so it functions as a power of great in the life of Leo.

A few practices that can assist:

Invest energy in and around water. Regardless of whether it is a swimming, daily shower, or different activities, for example, boating, walking on the sea-shore, paddleboarding, surfing, investing time close to water can assist with keeping Leo in balance and let the blaze in her personality represent in the best of ways.

When you find yourself becoming excessively fiery, participate in breathwork to assist cool the flares a bit. Step back for a second, put your hands on your heart chakra, close your eyes, and take a couple of deep inhales into your gut until you feel yourself quieting a bit.

Eat watery or cooling items, for example, melons or cucumbers, to help get the balance to your blazing nature.

Make a regular meditation practice.

Make sure you get a good night's sleep by switching to screen-free for at least 2 hours before bedtime (including televisions, computers, smartphones, and tablets). Dozing will assist in rebalancing your fire element and hold you back from burning out.

Like all fire elements, Leo is more exposed to burn-out, so adrenal wellbeing might be a problem. Meditation, practicing yoga, and investing some time in nature can bring balance and quiet pressure so you are more averse to burnout.


Leo's personality is fire, and this component can represent in various optimistic approaches offered it is kept in balance. When it is not in control, Leo's fire component might lead to fatigue, burnout, or controlling, being vain, or/and ruling in nature. But by looking for balance and channel the fire component, Leo can consume brilliantly all her life.


In Leo, the fire component burns brilliantly, and Leo has a loving and warm nature. She might be primarily slow or guarded to warm up to individuals, however, they will not know since she has a steadily and naturally warm character. But when you have raised her interest and she realizes she can trust you, Leo is holding nothing back, and she will be a loving power of character in your life. Also, the blaze in her personality makes Leo fiercely faithful, there could be no better sun symbol to have in your corner than steadfast Leo.


Leos get things done, and this is straightforward because of the component of fire in this sun sign. Once a fire is ignited under a Leo (something that is not too difficult to achieve because she normally sparks anyway), there is no halting her. Leo will move earth and heaven to get things done, so she is the right individual to have on project groups. Because of her fixed personality, Leo does not burn out as immediately as other fire symbols, so she will likewise view projects via the end before she is on to the following. But since Leo's fire consumes very consistently, she is probably going to have various irons in the fire simultaneously.