An Insight into 2021 as a 5 Year- Numerology Edition

An Insight into 2021 as a 5 Year- Numerology Edition

Astrological predictions and your chances at determining what the future holds for you are quite high, and that is only and only because of the rising preference for prediction concepts. Speaking of such concepts, have you ever over-analyzed your date of birth? Well, we know that this may seem to be a silly question, but there is some catch in here. The catch here is that the numbers do talk!! 

The numbers in your date of birth and the letter in your name have your fate totally under control. Speaking of being under control, how was your last year? Well, I guess this is a delicate question as 2020 was a gloomy one for almost all of us right? So, keeping the standards of numerology in mind let us examine what the year 2021 holds for us. 

A peek into the past…2020

Yea, we know some harsh and rough memories might be rolling down your heart as well as your mind while thinking about the past year. 2020, when calculated is labeled as a 4 year, and the number four is something that signifies the rebuilding of foundations and new starts. Quite ironic huh? because we were far away from building anything in the past year due to the destruction and the turbulence caused by the pandemic in 2020. 

But if you look into it from a deep perspective, to rebuild something one needs to demolish the existing structures. So, according to this philosophy 2020 was just a year of demolition just so that we could build a whole new foundation in the upcoming year. So, did that happen? Is 2021 about new starts or the destructive state continues? Well, let us look out for that!!!

Balance is the key here- 2021 as a 5 year

Coming on to the current year that weve been living up in all our spirits (thats what I hope), this year is labeled as a five year because as per what the calculation says the sum of 2021= 5. Number five as per what the numerological standards blurt out is the number of balance and taking calculative risks. So, we would say that this year is all about taking risks to work towards the greater good in life. 

Make way for relaxation this year!!

Since 2020 was a tough year to pass all because of the global pandemic situations that we all faced and are still facing to some extent. So, just like the past year, the key to surviving here is to relax and take a chill pill once a while. You need to cut yourself some slack in order to hold those racing thoughts in your mind. You should probably just sit on your couch and slouch your way into relaxation and rejuvenate your entire body as well as your soul. 

By following this approach of staying relaxed one can easily get rid of those sleepless nights and other issues one has been facing. Balancing your emotions and plucking those monotonous thoughts out of your brain will help you move on faster and it will also help you to catch up on the other joys of life before tons too late. 

Feminine energies > Masculine energies

As we said that this year is all about balance, and balance can be achieved by bringing two forces together on the same platform. Since the number two is present in double quantities then this means that the feminine energies are more dominant than that of one which represents the masculine energies. Even though these opposing forces will work towards finding the middle ground, but since the concentration of the feminine energies is ruling then theyll bring along both destruction as well as creation. So, it is all on you to find your balance amidst these contrary forces. 

2021 is more like a wake-up call!! Find out how!

Hey, stop hitting on that snooze button and just get your lazy faces out right here! This year as we already mentioned is all about balance. But how can one attain balance? Well, it sure is not something that comes up itself, rather you will have to your contributions to gain that sense of peace and balance. The year 2021 is about a second chance, and trust me you dont want to lose out on this second chance. 

Make sure that you choose a practical approach to achieve what you have been waiting for, and as for the cherry on the top, this year will help you learn from your past mistakes. The isolation period which sure was a tough one for all of us taught us that being alone is the most shallow feeling one can ever get. So, the mantra is to stay together and fight all the battles together!! 

P.S.- It sure is a bumpy ride, it always is but the key to surviving is to just learn and grow!! Stay safe and stay healthy folks, itll all fall right into place!!