Today, In the world of material living it is extremely important to observe and preserve any form of relationship around us. One believes that real or true love is the kind of love we all yearn for, there is no disappointment, pain, frustration or hurting in true love, but according to what I feel it is extremely difficult to give such a precise or predictable description of any love relationship. Being in a toxic relationship or in any struggling situation in your life for that matter, one should always keep their spirits on the go and their self-esteem high. Even though, struggling with low self-esteem from time to time is natural and a genuine kinda feeling, but dealing with it and getting up strong despite the hard situations are all that matters.



While it’s extremely natural to have frequent kinda fluctuations in your confidence levels, especially when life throws you a speed bump, but if your self-esteem is  constantly on a downhill then it might have a negative impact not only on you but also on your personal relationships. Loving and appreciating your own existence is one of the biggest achievements in life, self-love gives us the key to look around the world with a colourful and a magical vision and it gives you the opportunity to expose yourself to others without fear or anxiety. Now you might be wondering that, how can low self-esteem be a reason behind your relationship falling into a pit. Let us help you with an appropriate answer.



 Well, your lack of self-assurance or self-confidence can cause several potential problems in your relationship with your partner. If your partner is way more confident than you are then you guys are definitely not on the same page and this might cause a severe imbalance in your relationship. Especially in terms of the millennials self-love, self-confidence and compassion is a fancy and not a necessity, but it’s high time that we consider it not only as a motivational heading but more as a part of our physical and mental body. It allows us to make mistakes and forgive ourselves, it gives us the right to analyse and appreciate our effort and helps us in dealing with criticisms. There are several problems cause due to one’s low self-esteem which may be the reason for your relationship to come to an end.

 You become highly co-dependent when you’re low on your own self-esteem and you tend to act like a shadow of your former self and you completely lose touch with your inner instincts. Moreover, one thing leads to another if you doubt yourself you go into a complete state of the deep and unnecessary realisation, and while in that state, you start to the question that do you even deserve to be in this particular relationship? You make yourself believe that your partner is way better for you than you are to him/her and such questions might turn into severe anxiety issues if not addressed.

This doesn’t end here, you tend to replay each and every conversation and argument you’ve had with your partner and you think about what you said and how your partner will interpret it and a lot more unreasonable aspects like these will keep barging into your mind. Even according to several surveys done on both men and women, it is a proven fact that those with low self -esteem was not only more threatened by their partner’s imperfections, but they were also likely to have a lowkey viewpoint of everything happing in their lives. You may get worried about the fact that your partner will leave you soon and that you’ll never be good enough for anyone anymore. So, this needs to stop! If you’re willing to lead a healthy and an optimistic life then you might wanna get out of this trap of anxiety and low self-esteem.



Having a confident and sure self esteem inspires you to live and forces you to recognise and appreciate your soul instead of battling with your mind. It is a state of peace and calm which gives you the strength to view certain things through a different lens and also provides you with a satisfaction that you’re always going to matter to a few people out there, even if nothing makes sense, the fact that you have a whole lot of people backing you up and supporting you no matter what is the actual purpose of keeping your self-esteem high at all times.