All Zodiacs Signs Sex Drive Ranked From Lowest To Highest!

All Zodiacs Signs Sex Drive Ranked From Lowest To Highest!

Sexuality is one thing that should be personal and supplemented with an individual choice. Sex and Sexuality are two different things and cannot be used in the same context. Sex is the biological activity of copulation whereas sexuality maps one’s preferences, likes, and dislikes about things a person prefers to do in the arena of their bedroom. The 12 zodiacs also have a preference for certain things as stars for sure affects what may arouse us and what may not. If you’re interested in the zodiac signs and their libido, read down below our list of the zodiacs ranked according to their sex drive in descending order!


12. Let us begin with Libra…

 Libra is an air sign which needs stimulation of different sorts, especially mental one, to be able to relate and talk to people. For the Libras, sex forms a very minuscule part of their lives and they don’t prefer to indulge in it too much except when needed. It is not as if Libras are pansy and choosey but they’re extremely careful about whom to take as their partner and get hot and dirty. You may distrust a Libra at once but they take time to warm up. 

11. Capricorn is hard to please…

 Capricorn which is an Earth sign is extremely hard to please. For them, work comes first. After work does, they have time for some “fun”. In their bedrooms, Capricorns are quiet but inherently passionate. They have a good grip over their libido. They have the power to control their raging hormones when needed. Capricorn’s sex drive increases and decreases according to their choice as they do not like to beat around the bush too much. 

10. Freedom arouses Aquas!

 An Aqua is someone who’s a rebel amongst all the zodiacs. will only get down and dirty if they know the person completely. They know that in their quick impulse of forming decisions, they will regret it later. For Aquarius, nothing turns them on like the freedom their partner can give to them. They do not like control too much and can quickly discard you like an old piece of clothing if you’re too clingy! 


9. Gemini’s love the dirty talking…

 Another air sign, Geminis can be confused about their libido. It is not like that they’re bad sexual partners. It is just that they require a lot of mental stimulation before they can get off. A lot of dirty talking is a necessity to arouse a Gemini. 


8. Sagittarius loves being the Romantic Hero/Heroine!

 Sagittarius surprisingly is a very controlled sign in terms of sexuality. They have control over their urges relatively better than their peer fire zodiacs. For Sagittarius, their libido increases if they are on the right side of things. They love to play the role of the Romantic hero or heroine who saves a damoiseau or damsel in distress! 

7. Nothing is hotter like Roleplaying for a Virgo

 Sneaky and dreamy, Virgos may sound like a boring partner in matters of sex but you’ll be surprised to know their libido runs high in the bedroom, especially if they’re roleplaying! Virgos love to wear lingerie and roleplaying with their partner, exploring their sexuality gradually. 


6. A Leo is as demanding as a person may get!

 Leos thrive on the attention and control that they can have on others. Fond of dominating their partner, their libido is unmatched when they’re on top of their partner and can pull an all-nighter with the consent of their partner to make love all night.


5. The dreamy Pisces loves to play the role of somebody hard to catch.

 As Fish are often slippery, Pisces are choosy in terms of the persons with whom they make love. They feel the innate need to be nurturing and helpful and their sex drive runs high if they’re given the chance to play the role of somebody saving a bad and tortured boy or girl. 

4. Aries are often selfish in terms of sex.

 It is not as if they are not reciprocating but they’re too loud and front in the face to give room to their partner to voice out their desires successfully. An Aries wants to pull you in their adventure land and have fun with them there where they’ll play with you, save you, kiss you, and everything as per their thought. This fiery sign is fuelled by variety. 


3. Cancer is the zodiac sign which will surprise you in the bedroom.

 Fond of excessive roleplaying and dirty talking, nothing makes a Cancer pant and moan more than a partner who’s willing to be experimental! 


2. Taurus love being touched…

 Taurus may be an Earth sign but they run high on sensuality. They love quiet spaces where they can make love to their partner. Fond of affectionate touches and caresses nothing will make Taurus all hot like a gentle, sensual touch across their body. 


1. Scorpio is the winner!

 Scorpio is a water sign which can be anything in the bedroom. Scorpios love the intensity with which love-making happens and they’re willing to delve deeper into it with their partner. They love to please their partner a lot and nothing makes their libido run high to see their partners all soaked in the ecstasy of the pleasure they’re providing. 

 Sex drive varies from person to person as there is a lot of variety in preferences. The zodiac signs’ sex drive is determined by looking at the different astrological aspects of the planets and the Element by which they’re ruled with. Make sure to have a great time in lovemaking next time!