All there is to Know About Kundali Matching for Marriage

All there is to Know About Kundali Matching for Marriage


Vedic Astrology and Kundali Matching for Marriage 

Vedic Astrology has been an integral part of the Hindu religion, especially when it comes to making important life decisions like the naming of the child, starting a new business venture or buying a new home.

But most importantly when it comes to Kundali Matching for Marriage, to know the compatibility between two people along with matching their grahas to avoid negative effects causing any loss or harm.

Using the Vedic Astrology and Kundali Matching for Marriage becomes easier and specified to predict the future about two people being together, to have a delightful and successful marriage.


How is Kundali Matching Done?

Precedent to Kundali Matching for Marriage, the Janam Kundali’s of two people is matched for the similarities, compatibility, and companionship. The process of this matching is known as ‘Guna Matching’ and in this process, there is a total of 36 gunas taken into account.


Among the 36 gunas that are matched, a minimum of 18 gunas should match for basic compatibility, then and only then there is a possibility for the marriage to happen and be a successful one. The aspects covered under these 18 gunas are to be related to:

●      The commonality between their approaches to life

●      The Manglik Dosh

●      The mental compatibility

●      The longevity of their relationship

●      The susceptibility of the contradictions

●      Their sexual compatibility

●      Their shared interest in having or not having children

●      And overall health practices and stability


Above mentioned are few of the Gunas that should be a match among the 18 gunas that are the basic requirement.


But, in order for the marriage to be approved and move forward, the Kundali Matching for Marriage and guna matching must not be less than a total of 18 gunas. And if the gunas that match are between 18-25, then it is considered to be a good match for two people. It is said to be the best match when 26-32 gunas match.

Although it is rare to find a match that is more than a total of 33 gunas if it does happen than it becomes no less than a celebration. It is then said to be an ideal marriage and has the highest degree of compatibility.


 Solutions to remedy the Dosha in Kundali Matching for Marriage

 Due to the mismatch of the Kundalis or dosha or a probability of accidents and losses then adequates measures and steps are to be followed in order to eradicate and minimize the negative effects of the planets. Some of the remedies are discussed below:


  1. Several pujas and mantras are present in the traditional Vedas and Puranas to help nullify the negative effects and bring positive energies, they are:


a)     Wearing the right and recommended gemstone that will bring positivity and benefits to you belonging to your horoscope sign.

b)     Donating clothes, grains to the needy and poor people will lead to happiness and positivity.

c)      Japp of Maha Mrityunjay on a regular basis will help reduce the negativities.


  1. Worshipping Lord Hanuman and reciting Hanuman Chalisa will bring positive energies


  1. Fasting on a weekly basis will help in getting rid of any doshas and the malefic energies that they bring.


  1. Getting married to another Manglik person or person with a similar dosha will nullify the bad effects for both the people.


 Keep in mind not every remedy works for everybody, it all depends on the positioning of the horoscope in the Kundali Matching for Marriage as well as the intensity of the bad effects. So consult an expert astrologer before moving forward with the marriage and to know the upayas (remedies).


 Kundali Matching does not happen just by the process of matching the Gunas of two people in general but it takes place as an overall process wherein, the kundali matching is done by name, by date of birth, by horoscopes and many other criteria. And Kundali Matching is necessary for the marriage to happen, for the naming of the child according to the time and the day of their birth.



Conclusion: In the Hindu religion, Vedic Astrology plays a vital role in determining the Kundali Matching for Marriage for two people. Their approaches, compatibility, level of companionship that they can have. There are a total of 36 gunas among those it is a pre-requisite to have at least 18 matching gunas to have a successful and stable marriage. And if the Kundali Matching and gunas are mismatched then there are solutions and remedies available to nullify the malefic effects.