All there is to Know About Kundali Matching by Name and Date of Birth

With the changing time, the ways and processes to match the kundalis of two people either for business, finance or marriage have also changed, become adaptable and flexible. The Kundali Matching by Name and Date of Birth have become an alternative. It helps in having a detailed and expansive understanding and Kundali Matching of two people.


A kundali is created on the basis of date, time and place of birth of a person and other placements of the planets as well as signs. Some people don’t have the exact place or time of birth, in that case, Kundali Matching by Name and Date of Birth is combined to attain the matching results.


Purpose of Numerology in Kundali Matching by Name and Date of Birth


Numerology uses the name and date of birth of a person to predict the future and make life calculations and it has proven to be precise and credible. The system and process of Kundali Matching by Name and Date of Birth have many pieces of evidence of proving the fact that Kundali Matching helps in having a sound marriage.


The numerology or astrology of a person has hidden energy recurrence and possibilities that can be calculated and predicted by the two numbers of  Kundali Matching by Name and Date of Birth.


After receiving and calculating the destiny number, i.e. the name, life path number, i.e. the birth date, the soul urge number that is derived from your name. Further predictions are made for the different aspects and qualities of your life.


What can Kundali Matching by Name and Date of birth tell us?


After the kundali reading and calculations, there are certain factors and aspects that can be known for a successful marriage or a positive life or a booming business venture.


Kundali Matching by Date of Birth:


●      The strengths and weaknesses of the individual

●      Compatibility in love or with a partner, marital status, domestic life, and relationships, love or arranged marriage

●      Favorable color, days, lucky number, etc.

●      The various personality attributes of the individual

●      Ideal job and business opportunities

●      Last but not the least, effective remedies and solutions to/for obstacles and troubles in life


 Kundali Matching by Name:


●      Longevity and durability of the relationship

●      The level of friendship between the couples

●      The attitude and temperament of the couple

●      The emotional and physical compatibility

●      The occurrence of setbacks and troubles in the married life


 These are some of the characteristics and aspects that the Kundali Matching by Name and Date of Birth helps in determining and figuring out before moving forward with the marriage or the business venture or just the life journey of the person in general.


The Basic Consideration for Kundali Matching


The following mentioned are some things and particulars that are taken into consideration for Kundali Matching by Name and Date of Birth.


  1. The positioning of the planet Mars relating to the Mangal Dosh should be studied separately from the other Doshas and Yogas.


  1. The Birth and Marriage charts are to be studied separately with respect to the Navamsha Kundali, or the Manglik Dosha are to be examined and probed separately.


  1. When you are doing Kundali Matching by Name and Date of Birth the 7th house, the Lord and Navamsha are always to be analyzed separately and separate even for two individuals.


All of these aspects are studied and analyzed by expert astrologers and numerologists, in order to ensure the ideal, accurate readings resulting in a happy, successful, harmonious love as well as other domestic, friendships.


Conclusion: Numerology plays a vital role in Kundali Matching by Name and Date of Birth, the different aspects, qualities by reading and calculating the destiny, soul urge, and life path numbers along with this considering other factors like level of compatibility, understanding, temperaments. The many troubling doshas and yogas are also taken into account while Kundali Matching of two people.

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