All the Amazing ways astrologers affect society and you don’t even know about it!

All the Amazing ways astrologers affect society and you don’t even know about it!

Astrologers are a part of everyone’s daily life be it a believer or a non-believer. The believers take the guidance of this Vedic art to make sure they are on the right path. Due to the butterfly effect that in a way or another changes the life of all people near us, causing a rippling effect, the art of astrology, makes a change in the lives of not only us but also the people that we know. Astrology in the modern era is somewhat restrained to future predictions and life goals, but astrology is more than that. It can accumulate all the scenarios of how the life of a person has gone till the date and what will be the best path for them out of all the available. 


Astrology and ancient times. 

As time changes, patterns change too. The art of astrology and prediction has changed with time. The priorities and life goals of people have changed, and hence the ways the future is predicted and the role of astrologer has changed by some means. Before, the role of astrologers was more than predicting the auspicious time and the issues in the horoscope. With the increased number of believers of astrology and fewer skeptics, the astrologers were hailed as the scientists of stars and natural celestial navigation. The astrologers acted like a scholar for every field of people's living. The crops were grown after asking the astrologer and the schooling of a kid started after their guidance. 

 The predictions made by an astrologer aided in helping the commonwealth of the town or village to understand the time of fishing, harvesting, water reserve management, crop sowing, and hunting, etc. Since these activities rely heavily on the luck factor, so people made sure to check with an astrologer before carrying out their daily activities.

In the older ages too, astrologers were strong mathematicians and calculated the position of celestial bodies to great precision. A chart named Ephemerides which gave them the knowledge of celestial bodies was devised. This chart remains highly accurate even in the modern era, talking about the genius of these astrologers.  


Astrologer and modern times.

 Astrologers were thought of as scholars in ancient times rather than the priest. In modern times the art of astrology is correlated more to the religion of a person and not the science. The science aspect of the predictions is diminishing because of the general public. The expert astrologers still use the old and time-tested methods used by the ancient astrologers to give a strong prediction.


The process of foretelling what may occur in a person’s life is simplified for the modern audience. Gone are the times when people took the advice of the astrologer before even the mundane tasks. Now a trip to an astrologer is only when a person faces difficulties in life, is confused about the direction of life, or wished to marry. In these fast-paced times of industrialization, many people take the advice of astrologers using the web portals available. The internet has connected the general public from all over the world, to the best of astrologers keeping their art alive and well- flourishing.


In today's time, astrologers are also seen as life coaches. People are more convoluted and prefer talking to themselves about important topics of their life, rather than the people around them. In such a scenario the need for astrologers in the life of people and society, in general, is the need of the hour. The world may be shrinking but the vastness of the psyche is deeper than ever. Astrologers help people to take a hold of this psyche and get an aim in the life of people who are confused between the aspects of heart and matter.


Evolution is the necessary part of development. For even an iota of practice to stay alive, it needs to evolve into a better version of itself with time. The art of astrology has not changed, just evolved for being in pace with the life of metropolitans. The simplification of the process did occur, but it has only increased its reach in the lives and hearts of the people. The predictions are still, accurate and the guidance the people get is very precise for their life too.