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Spiritual awakening is something that everyone craves in life; it gives life a deeper meaning. Different people have different ways and time to commence their spiritual journey, it is not something which can be taught, it is a realization which comes from the within and guides your action in life. However, the spiritual journey is not an easy one; you will have to put in efforts to get the rewards.

It is a journey of discovering your true self; you will understand your true purpose in life. Once you have started walking on this path, there is no stopping you but the most difficult part of this journey is taking the first step. Starting something new can be scary, especially if it’s something that can change your life.

Here are some ways which can help you in the start of your spiritual journey; these points will make it easy for you to start walking on the path to spirituality.

Find your calling:

You can consider like the call to an adventure, basically it is a sign that it’s time for you to start your spiritual journey. It can come in any way, maybe it’s an inner awakening or under the influence of someone, you just need to be open to hearing and feeling it. You may get the calling hen you are at the highest point on the mountain of success or at the lowest point in the well of failure. You can get your calling at the most unexpected times, so you should always keep your senses alert. One way to do this is regular meditation, this will help you hear the silences and improve your listening skills. It may take time, but you will get it so be patient and keep listening.

Don’t be afraid:

You know what happens when you let go of your fears and inhibitions? Your soul opens up. The biggest enemy of a person is his ego, so the moment you let go of your fear, your ego starts to fade away and that’s when you become unstoppable. Once you have taken the first step on your journey, you need to be fearless because there will be many hurdles in your way but you can’t let anything get to you. You must heard people saying that happiness is a choice, well same is the case with courage. You can’t be brave unless you decide it, you don’t see brave people just sitting waiting for that courage to hit them, they choose to be brave no matter what and that’s how they achieve things in life.

Do your research:

There is no greater tool than the wisdom of books, there is no problem whose solution you can’t find in the holy books. Reading and researching is the best way to keep your mind sharp. A spiritual journey is not easy and you will come across many problems, which you can solve only if you have read enough. It is the best way to prepare yourself for the worst case scenario. In fact there have been cases where it was the wisdom in a book that was the calling for spiritual journey. Reading books opens up your mind and you learn about new things. You feel liberated after reading a good book, you feel like your questions have been answered.

See the world:

You can’t really have a journey if you just stay at one place, so pack your bags and travel. Travel all around the world and you will shock to see the number of different cultures and spiritual learning’s that are followed all over the globe. Traveling helps bring perspective to a person’s life; it helps you broaden your mind, shatters stereotypes and makes you more empathetic. When you stay in a different place, you are out of your comfort zone which makes you stronger and teaches you so much about the place, the people and the culture. It teaches you that nothing in this life is stagnant but you should be prepared for everything. Hence, travelling is a very important part of your spiritual journey.

Use pain to your strength:

It is said that the day you give in to your pains, is the day you start to lose in life. Learned men have taught us to use our pain and suffering to become better versions of ourselves. You can’t expect your life to change if you keep whining about things that have happened in the past, you need to move on in life and learn your lesson from the incidents which caused you pain. The first step to using pain to your strength is embracing it and understanding why it is affecting you so much, only then will you is able to harness it to give you motivation and energy. However, this does not mean you shouldn’t cry or feel upset about it, cry all you want but make a promise to yourself that after you are done crying, you will never cry over the same thing again ever in your life. Don’t give your pain the control of your life; you should be the one controlling it.

Immerse yourself in the adventure:

Just give in to the adventure that the spiritual journey is, it may seem very scary and intimidating at the beginning, but slowly you will realize that everything is inter connected, so just go with the flow. The longer you think about the adventure, instead of living it, the greater will be your loss. The spiritual journey is all about finding yourself which without a shadow of doubt is the greatest adventure you will ever undertake so enjoy it in the moment.

Live in the present:

The last and most important thing, live in the moment. Don’t dwell over the past or fret about the future because those things are not under your control, focus on what you can control – the present and make the most of every moment. You should live your life with zero regrets. 

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