All About Scorpio Rashi

All About Scorpio Rashi

Things to Perceive about scorpio

Scorpio rashi is the eight sign described by constellation of stars , people born between  October 23 to November 22 have Scorpio as their rashi. Talking more about this rashi, it is ruled by planet's Pluto and Mars and has a deep running water element in it. 

It's emblem is a poisoning scorpio or snake which exemplifies person rigidity and hidden wish to succeed in life, people having scorpio as their sign or rashi mirror  Negative and Fierce characteristics. And with noteworthy qualities like energetic, truthful, self dependent, passionate and ambitious. 

Dark colored gives them blues ,colors like dark red and mehroon are their favorite colors and which comes from its determining planets Pluto and Mars. Scorpio has some undesirable personality traits like these people are sometimes possessive and aggressive by nature. 



People having Scorpio as their rashi are stubborn types, they don't fall easily in other talks. Scorpio represents a very rigid nature which is very difficult to handle. They are sometimes intolerable and destructive while handling some situations. 

They are perverse  but are ready to bow down towards the happiness for their loved ones, they share a very secretive bond which no one can understand. And they love their personal space. 

But looking on the positive side they are very energetic and focused on their goals, the flowing water makes them fearless and devoted.  They are also big dreamers and passionate about what they like, and have the attitude which never says no to any work. 


Financial Condition

They're good at making money as they're more passionate as compared to others and. They are daring when it comes to decision making.They make good returns when they do some investment as they prok and prod until they get the truth. 

They think that there is no need for saving money and that's why they are not good at saving money. When the situation comes, where they've to do high risk investment then they save their money under bed. 


Fashion sense 

These people are ruled by dark pluto, and dark colors of jewels are lucky for them. Jewels colors like red and black motivates them . Most of these people are naturally beautiful and pretty enough, a little bit of make-up ,glamour makes them look stunning. 

Try to experiment with dark colors like red, black, dark blue, if they're going to some party or marriage. Girls can try dark eyeliner with good mascara according to their complexion tone, this'll make them feel super. Add glasses and brands if they want to increase their look.



These people are secret keepers and expert in investigating, and technology gives them access to control  these two areas. With the help of technology they're able to create multiples of identities which helps to socialise and investigate. They need technology in every field of life, as they believe that new modern technologies help them to make their work easier and fast. 

Life sucks when Social life is not up to date for these people. And they also love to collect new mobile phones as they are addicted to them and go deeper and deeper while using them.


Idealize matches

People having scorpio rashi matched perfectly who understands them and their true nature, water elements attract these people.  Other rashi having water signs are the perfect match for them. Signs Cancer and Pisces share the same water element which is deep. 


Pisces and Scorpio 

Pisces are more understanding and less re1 than scorpio people, this creates a lot of mutuality between them,both share similar water signs which is very deep and vast. So both have the same compatibility, and emotion level. One is ready to understand others emotions and feelings. 

Pisces bring lots of joy and excitement in  the boring life of scorpio, and on other hand scorpio brings stability in their relationship. Both work perfectly, Scorpio being stubborn by nature is controlled by soft hearted Pisces very easily. Both can handle each other I'm every situation. 


Cancer and Scorpio 

Cancer also shares the same water sign like scorpio did. They fight each other's weakness and become the strength in every bad situation, they feel safe and cover a comfort zone to be protected by each other. Cancer provides the devotion and understanding level needed by a scorpio. 

They both will settle for long term conditions and promises, they don't workout for small and fake relationships. Sometimes they're called emotional soulmates as they know each and every feeling they hide in them.