Pitra dosh is one of the most dangerous doshs found in the Janam kundali of an individual. Pitra dosh literally means your predecessor's sins. It is said that we are born because of the holy karma of our predecessors or ancestors and because of this it is our responsibility and duty that we perform the shradh to make sure that our predecessors remain happy and move on to enlightenment and free us from the chances and danger of pitru rin. The pitru dosh occurs due to a afflicted Sun and when the Sun is positioned in the first house, second house, fourth house, fifth house, seventh house, eighth house, ninth house, tenth house along with Saturn, Ketu and Rahu, and the Ascendant.

There are three types of Pitra Dosh and they are:

The first one is caused due to the position and placement of the planets and the Sun, and is the most dangerous pitra dosh.

The second one is caused due to the position of the Sun and the planets but is not as potent and dangerous as the first one, but is still dangerous nevertheless.

The third one is the mildest form of Pitru dosh and is caused due to the position of the Sun in the negative planet sign.

The main problems that occur due to Pitru dosh are related to the individual’s children. The child born to the individual having Pitru dosh can be physically or mentally disabled. The members of the family that are affected by the Pitru dosh dream about snakes and their predecessors often asking for food and clothes. There are constant disagreements between the husband and wife, they are always fighting creating an unhealthy and toxic environment for their children and everyone else living in their house. Not only that the topics on which the married couple often disagree on is based on trivial and small matters which should not even be fought over. The family is always plagued with diseases and is constantly sick and unhappy, and are always in some sort of trouble and problems that plague their body or have huge financial problems because of the amount of sickness in their family and how often the members of the family get sick.  There is always the feeling of death surrounding the family and there are even deaths that occur in the family. Not only that, the family also ends up collecting a huge amount of debt because of the financial problems they have and even end up losing their reputation in society as well as their happiness. Some times, the family cannot even have children.

What are the remedies? The various Upaays  that we can follow are :

By giving water to the Banyan tree and by performing the shraadh (The Multi-Pindi Shradh and the Trapandi Shradh) on the exact date the family member passed away or died. You can even offer food to the Brahmins. By correcting your karma and offering and donating food on every ‘Poornima’ and ‘Amavasaya.’ Not only that but by also offering water and Prasad for fifteen long days to our predecessors (Pitras) on the date they passed away and so that they can move on and the dosh is removed from your janam kundali. To perform poojas that will actually help in nullifying all the bad karmas accumulated by your predecessor. Not only that but also keeping fasts in order to reduce the effects of the dosh is also advised. Offer water to the rising Sun and perform and repeat the Gayatri Mantra. By donating food, milk, money, and water to the poor, while trying to nullify the bad karma of your ancestors with your good karma. And to make sure that it does not catch up with you because that is one dosh that you do not want on your head because not only does it cause a lot of pain and loss, but a huge amount of destruction and agony as well. By making sure that at least your karmas and deeds are good, you are not passing any sort of pitru dosh onto your progeny and ensuring that they do not go through such experience like how you did.