All About Gemini Girl

All About Gemini Girl

Gemini girls are wonderful children who are very cheerful and active. She is very restless and inquisitive. She loves it when she has taken upon a subject of interest. She will have a hundred inquiries about a topic and she expects you to quench her thirst for knowledge. She is dynamic and unpredictable that are typical of her due to her air sign.


The Gemini girls are dreamers and creators. She is also a great storyteller and creates stories with great care that both elders and kids can enjoy.  Her tiny head ids brimming with thoughts and she gives attention to each and every one of them. The Gemini girls have a natural knack for communication and even if she is a little girl, she is well versed at the art of charming people and carrying out a conversation diligently and skillfully.

The personality of Gemini girls is a multithreaded tapestry knit from contradictions. Her sign of Gemini is an air sign and this represents duality. Her vices include her problem with concentration, sudden isolation, spitefulness along with her golden qualities of sharp mind, amiability and kindness. The Gemini Girls suffer from internal paradoxes as she tries to grapple with her reality and deal with her dreams. For people who are around her though, she is a happy and content child.

The Gemini girls are in love with freedom. Tying her down with obligations will not fare well with her. Expecting responsibility from an individual of an air sign is utter foolishness. The Gemini girls will draw short breaths of anguish if she has to follow her routine and rules. This is why she will be most likely to be a journalist, interpreter or designer when she grows up.


The Gemini girls possess the art of flirtiness, malleability and sensitivity since she is a child. She knows she is beautiful and considers herself a captor of the hearts of men. Her fine taste and penchant for exclusive fashion makes her a girl that is always neatly dressed with stunningly combed hair. She knows the art of charming people and is adept at the art of conversation.


The Gemini girls possess a lush imagination that can invent fabulous stories. Their ability and strength to survive life and their indomitable nature of taking the struggles on and facing it is truly astonishing. The ability to express thoughts, imagination gives the proof of a keen mind and emotions that makes her a star in any creative profession. However, if she immerses herself in the world of imagination too much she might find it difficult to deal with reality.



The duality of the Gemini girls makes her an inconsistent character. Air being a mobile element is connected to freedom and independence. Her ability to instant adaptability and dealing with new conditions make her string and gives her the strength to stand up on her own.


The Gemini girls should be taught to be clean and methodical by their parents. Being of a restless nature, she will easily switch from one theme to another. This active child will please the parents as she is constantly curious about the world around her but they should remember to direct her energies towards the right direction. Teaching your Gemini girl, a new language, and follow routine will make her a more rounded character.

When the Gemini girls will be in school, the parents would have to follow each and every action of their kids. She can be undisciplined and forget her books or sleep in classes. Her imagination and world of fantasy may lead her to be absent in her mind from her class and the teachers will not tolerate it.

The parents of the Gemini girls should remember that their daughter is an amazing child with her sharp mind, emotional connection, empathy, imagination, and flexibility. To develop these qualities, she should be allowed to visit more social events and travel. Gemini girls would also be lovely at debates and elocution. She needs friendly communication. Too much of pushing her around and accessing control over her would make her loose trust in her parents and lose her trust.