Earrings, rings, bracelets, and pendants – rounded cabochon, stones cut in the style of precious gems, and perhaps the most common gems in their pure, unfinished condition are widely used for healing and beneficial purposes. Crystal has never been more popular as jewelry however, as well as being more trendy, crystals have spiritual properties that crystal healers claim can help with anything from balance and grounding to channeling and curing. Some stones have special abilities where, like some, transparent quartz has multiple applications. The style and environment of crystal jewelry is solely personal and do not influence the actual properties of each crystal – while some people believe that raw crystals, touching the skin, influence the capacity of crystals to work quicker.

Placement of Different Crystals:

There are several ways of placing different crystals properly. You can wear the multi-colored chakras in the form of neckpieces of bracelets and even rings. It is believed that by wearing them in this way, your energy will be balanced in the most effective way. In case you have a bad throat, you can wear any blue-colored crystal around the neck. This is because the color blue is associated with the color of the throat. Similarly, the remedy to your broken heart can be a rose quartz crystal worn around your neck in the form of a pendant. If you believe in the power of psychic, consider wearing amethyst, which is a stone in purple color. It is said that this stone will help in opening your third eye which in turn is associated with psychic ability.

Choosing the Perfect Crystal:

Every individual gives out a different level of frequency. On top of this, your frequency keeps on fluctuating throughout the day. These frequencies or vibration to a very large extent depend on your mood as well as thoughts. You can consult an astrologer or someone who knows about crystals and he/she is likely to recommend the crystal on the basis of its general properties. However, it is you who needs to decide which one is best for you.

Ways to Pick the Perfect Jewelry:

The first thing you should do while picking out the perfect piece of crystal jewelry for yourself is to trust your gut instincts. You might find something more attractive than other pieces and you should definitely choose that. You can also keep the shape of your body in mind while choosing the jewelry. If you have a small body, you should go for a small pendant but if you are big in terms of your personality, then you should definitely go for a bigger crystal piece. You should definitely research a bit about the properties of a particular crystal before buying it. Choose a crystal which has some healing properties attached to it. You can even go for your respective birthstones.

Cleansing and clearing:

As for all crystals used for magic purposes, it is useful and some may even argue it to be imperative, to clean and remove them on a daily basis in order to avoid the build-up of 'unwanted energies' or simply reviving the haling and protective abilities of the crystal.   This is an easy procedure, but at the very least you would want to keep them physically clean so that they still look their best. Designated cleaners can damage your stones, so always avoid them. Any jewelry can benefit from running under a cold water tap (or even conventional ways, such as mountain streams or mineral water). It can be dried with a soft 'lint-free' cloth or a clean muslin cloth, or it can also be left outdoors to allow it to dry naturally. You may use your jewelry for particular reasons or special uses by keeping it immediately (after cleansing) in a gentle meditation and wishing (or willing) your intent in a stone. Thoughts are said to have strength. While wearing the gem, the affirmation you seek, the most desirable wish should be thought out distinctly and deliberately with a lot of positive energies. This way, the crystal will have the power to support you with anything you desire. Some people prefer to leave their crystal jewels and also their healing crystals out in the moonlight or sunshine to recharge them.