All about Capricorn Woman : Love, Career, Characteristics

All about Capricorn Woman : Love, Career, Characteristics

DATES: 22nd December - 19th January





POLARITY: Negative


LUCKY STONE: Lapis Lazuli and Garnet

LUCKY DAY: Saturday


A Capricorn woman is the executive class women. You might want to imagine her in glasses, in neatly supplied shoes, a crisp uniform in an office working for her life and passion. She is way beyond her own sophistication to think about meager things in life like minor trifles, contentions with relatives, relationship drama. These are easy come and easy go for her. She is all too risen above these all. She is in the ways of emancipation from the ordinary into the extraordinary and puts her ultimate effort into making it one. She is driven by passion and ambitions. She is stubborn when it comes to all of these and would hardly make any compromises with these. 


They may come out as a bit stern and stoic in nature. But believe me, they are the fairies with a good heart and pixie dust. They make sure of the goodness and the amaze they breathe into things around them. They are overly sensitive and sometimes pretty emotional too when it comes real hard on them. They are very good to communicate and hence may solve the problem through basic communication with people around her. Her mediating powers are beautiful and perhaps she happens to not put up with any sort of miscommunication. Capricorn women have a penchant for crafts, art, and literature and hence come off as pretty intelligent and smart people to start with. 



Capricorn women in there you get years may actually fiddle with love a bit. This is because they are too much astounded by the world of career and ambitions that their love life starts taking a second hand. As said they have a top-notched priority for their ambitions. She does not pay much time for courtship and hence her ultimate aim would be to get settled when the time is right. They are straight forward and on the face when it comes to love. They also have a history of falling in life with their in time friends and close by people. They are also emotional and hence need people who can give them a shoulder to cry on when they get back home after fighting the entire world. 



Home is a refuge for the Capricorn woman from the dog eat dog world. She prefers staying at home on the weekends and rejuvenating and replenishing her lost energy and her strength to face the world again with full panache. A home for a Capricorn woman is a well-organized place. Everything is in a certain place, at a certain angle, for a reason. Hence they might not want anyone to meddle with their organization of things. They are very much intrigued by the treasures of the past and therefore you might find a lot of antique designing in the interiors. They live to keep the home in a clean and neat space. A Capricorn mother is the one who takes care of the discipline of the children and this makes them a strict presence at home.



Capricorn women have the most amazing work ethic. They are the women of the career. They are ambitious and strong-willed and hence they are great in their work fronts. A Capricorn woman has the tendency to make it large in the term is her career. A Capricorn woman takes the concept of a career or the ambition upon her identity, and hence the work profile she maintains is clearly who she wants to put herself out as in the eyes of the public. They are pragmatic, mercenary and profit-minded. They are hard-working, always flushing with new ideas. They are both great team workers and great leaders. They are always in the watch that their efforts are duly commended by the people around her.