All About Cancer Rashi

All About Cancer Rashi

What are the qualities of Cancer Rashi?

The Cancer Rashi belongs to people who are born from the mid of June (21) to the 22nd of July. This strong zodiac is governed by the water element with the heavy influence of the ruler Moon. Cancer is the 4th zodiac of the zodiac circle.

Due to the influence of the water element, Cancer Rashi is very unpredictable. It is very hard to handle a Cancer and its mood swings. Cancerians can be very difficult to understand and challenging to get close to. With their high imagination skills, Cancer can achieve its goals and aims in a very easy way.

Cancer Rashi can be very moody and suspicious at times which can make their partners suspect them every time. They will start to develop unnecessary feelings and emotions due to their insecurities over their partner’s success or choices of lifestyles. They can become overly possessive and manipulative at times to keep their things close to them.

 The Cancer Rashi is ruled by the Moon which makes them very lucky. Even though the moon’s influence makes them confused about the decisions they make and put them in dilemma most of the time. The Moon also rules their favorite color to be White.

The Cancer Rashi is genuinely attracted to the premises of Water. They enjoy relaxing on the beaches and swimming. There are high chances that Cancerians take up swimming professionally. Water hits their core and they will be able to think clearly at its presence.

It is very difficult for Cancer Rashi to make new friends and mingle easily. It will take time for them to understand new people and accept them as their friends. Making Partnerships with Cancer will be difficult because Cancer does not believe in adjustments or compromises in their ideas. They like to work according to their plan only.

Cancer Rashi has a close circle of people of friends and family who they will protect at all costs and will always be loyal to them. But once if a person breaks Cancer’s trust, it is absolutely impossible to gain their trust again.

Cancer Rashi is very sympathetic to people who need it. They can be very generous or absolutely selfish. It completely depends on them. Cancerians are the best therapists because they can easily relate to pain and suffering and are very good listeners. They can quite easily separate their personal and professional life.


How is the love and sex life of Cancer Rashi?

When it comes to relationships, Cancer Rashi lacks patience. They cannot wait too long for their loved ones. They will put their best efforts and if they are not reciprocated by the third time, Cancer will easily move on. They can get over their feelings faster than waiting for that one person.

Cancer Rashi is very selfish and manipulative when it comes to the things they want. They will help others to resolve their conflicts at the same time they avoid disputes as much as possible. They hate the feeling that they are answerable to people.

It is very difficult to satisfy the Cancer Rashi as they always try to achieve higher. They try to defeat the people above them. They need a partner who will not hurt their ego and make them feel superior. They need their emotions to be mattered.

The Cancer Rashi is very sensitive and emotional. Most of the time, Cancerians put their emotions before logical answers. They are introverts and inexpressive when it comes to confessing love. They need partners who can easily understand through their actions than words. They need partners who are calmer than Cancerians.

Cancer Rashi needs to feel secure before they open up their emotions. Cancerians are very dedicated to their partners and will protect them from everything. Once they believe that the person is their one true love, Cancer will not hesitate to make unhealthy promises and compromises to make their partner happy.

When it comes to sex life, Cancer Rashi needs a stable partner who can be emotionally as well as physically attached. They will take time to make a big step of sex with their partners. According to them, the physical attachment won't last long and they are not interested in short term relationships.

The Cancer Rashi is very old fashioned when it comes to love and sex. They will look for the right partner to become extrovert just for them and bold enough to make out. They go by their principles and moral values to make partners.