All About Aquarius

All About Aquarius

Aquarius is very rebellious by nature. This sign is known for its intelligence, spontaneity, and independence.


They normally thing out of the box and are pretty eccentric too. The people belonging to this sign have two extreme personalities.


They can either be very cold and detached or they can be extremely emotional and sensitive.


These people are very good at hiding their feelings and have a dark side to them which they might never show. They are open-minded creatures.


They will do things and follow paths that others don’t. Aquarius will never judge other people as they hate to do so.


There are certain qualities which makes this sign pretty unique.


Aquarius is rebellious:

Not only are these people rebellious, but they have pretty strong opinions which they are not afraid to voice.


An Aquarius hates being told what to do. The rebellious side in these people comes out when someone tried to suppress their freedom, which they adore the most.


The people belonging to this sign are pretty independent and this drives them away from people who try to control them. One should never expect an Aquarius to what others are doing or to follow the herd.


The rebellious nature makes it very difficult for these people to follow a particular routine. They want a life full of fun and excitement and are constantly looking for new adventures in life.


The people belonging to this sign are good at communicating. They use good words and value communication in order to come out of any situation.


These people are known to talk a lot and are generally the first ones to speak up. They are likely to preach what they believe and are firm believers of what they think.


These people will listen to everyone’s point of view but also have the ability to prove their point very smoothly.


Aquarius is a sign of inventions:

The natives belonging to this sign adore their freedom a lot. This is the one thing that they value the most.


These people are pretty independent and prefer relying on themselves for everything and anything.


Aquarius wants to make something out of its life on its own without taking the help or charity of other people. The best thing about the people belonging to this sign is that they are self-motivated and work the best when left on their own.


The reason that these people work best in areas of innovations, creativity, and philosophy is that they just can’t follow others. These people love to do what others hesitate to try.


Because of the need for these people to have their freedom, they are likely to run away from things that make them feel suffocated. Thus, an Aquarius will normally take solo projects.


However, this trait of theirs can make it hard for these people to ask for help from others when they genuinely need it.


Aquarius wants to change the world and mend the rules if they have to. They are good leaders who tend to push the preset boundaries in order to do things their way.


Aquarius are bad liars:

The people belonging to this sign are truth-seekers and truth-tellers. They want to know what is happening in the lives of others at all times.


These people believe that everyone around them wants the truth only, no matter how harsh it is. These people look good in others at all times.


However, they need to remember that when most people are confronted with the truth, they end up going into a state of denial.


Aquarius will hear only the things it wants to hear and believe the things it wants to believe. These people are generally confused and don’t really know what to do with their lives.


The natives born under this sign can easily recognize when others are lying. They stay aloof and can hence listen to anything and everything.


These people possess a lot of skills but lying smoothly is definitely not one of it. Therefore, in a situation where an Aquarius is bound to tell a lie, it simply decides not to say anything at all.


Aquarius is very sarcastic:

These people just can’t take crap from anyone at all. They are naturally funny. Aquarius won’t realize how funny it is and might amaze itself by its witty comments.


However, these people are sarcastic and have a dark sense of humor too. Half of the time these people don’t realize that they are being sarcastic.


Only the people close to them actually know what an Aquarius truly is. They will enjoy this sign company and end up laughing at their talks.


The natives born under this sign value honesty a lot and want to see this trait in everyone around them too. they can easily tell who is lying.


Fake people have no place in the life of this sign. These people just don’t like getting involved in petty drama and meaningless talks.


The most important things for Aquarius are friends, family and dreams and they love spending their time towards all this.


Aquarius are careful while choosing friends:

Aquarius will always prefer quality over quantity. They are pretty careful while making friends and are selective in adding people to their inner circle.


These people prefer thoughts over emotions and hence it becomes pretty difficult to get close to them. However, Aquarius is fun to be with and caring and this earns them many friends.


Aquarius are very loyal to their near and dear ones. They will always be there for the people they care and are totally dependable. This sign will drop all their tasks just to be with their friends and family when they need it the most.


They want to keep people happy and will do just about everything to have their back for someone.


Aquarius is emotional:

Aquarius is pretty emotional but can’t really express their emotions easily. When faced with a lot of emotions, these people distance themselves from others just to deal with problems their own way.


The best thing to do is to give these people space and not interrogate them with questions which they don’t want to answer as this irritates them.


When in a romantic relationship, these people detach themselves from their partner one day and are all romantic the other. This is important as they need space in their lives.


Once Aquarius starts feeling suffocated in a relationship, they simply run away. However, being mentally connected with their partner makes these people super loyal.


They will want someone who is not possessive and jealous as they need space. They feel that life is too short to be tied by someone.


Aquarius is unpredictable:

This sign is considered to be a genius. Boredom is just not in the veins of an Aquarius. Being unpredictable is a common trait seen in Aquarius.


Following the same routine every day and doing the same old things each and every day repels these people.


Finding out what these people might do next is just so difficult to guess. They will do anything to break the same pattern.


The sense of adventure and spontaneity inside these people make them fun to be around. They will always keep their friends on toes, something that makes them such a good company.


Aquarius woman is a mystery in herself. She can be loving and detached, sensitive and cold as well as independent and giving, all at the same time.


She can be a puzzle to herself. She tends to make the life of people around her a bit more delightful and is very loyal to her friends and family. She will stick when everyone else decides to leave.


Aquarius is a good listener:

The people belonging to this sign just can’t see their friends sad or upset. Hence, these people will always be there for their friends in case they want to vent up.


Apart from being very good as well as patient listeners, these people are pretty wise and will end up giving some really good advice.


Some might find the advice of an Aquarius to be no so personal, but the advice of these people is pretty scientific and up to date.


Aquarius is a fixed sign that can easily influence others with their set of advice. They are the best when one wants some impersonal answers to their problems.


Aquarius is a fast learner:

These people are very curious and have a scientific mind. Aquarius constantly try to figure out how things work.


The mind of these people is detailed and specific, making it best suited for computer and technical work. They are the type of people who when handed with a new gadget can easily figure out how it works within minutes.


These people are forever thirsty for knowledge and tend to be a student forever. They can easily understand new ideas as well as concepts and implement in their daily life. They have diverse interests and try to find a new way of thinking.


An Aquarius is full of intellect. These people have a unique approach towards things that keeps them ten steps ahead of others.


The people belonging to this sign have a different approach towards things and strongly believe that their ideas are always correct.


They will happily share their knowledge with others but never hesitate to prove their point. These people want to change the world for the better.


Aquarius look for the best in others:

The natives belonging to this sign just can’t see bad in others. Even if someone does something bad to them, they will end up giving that person a second chance easily.


Aquarius believes in forgiving and giving another chance rather than holding onto negative things.


However, this trait of an Aquarius ends them into giving chances to people who don’t really deserve it.

Aquarius can be weird at times:

Aquarius can be pretty random at times and this leaves others looking at it all puzzled. Because Uranus is the planet ruling this sign, it makes these people pretty eccentric.


No one can have a dull moment when they are around this sign. However, this trait of Aquarius makes it very famous in its friend circle as no one really wants to be around people who are boring.


Aquarius dreams big:

The people belonging to this sign not only dream big but also have the capacity to convert their dreams into reality.


These people have the plan and the knowledge to come with ideas that can help these people make the impossible, possible even in the most hopeless situation.


Aquarius has broad and logical minds. Their scientific mindset helps them to see their goals to completion. They are determined to make a difference in the world with their very different approach towards life.


Aquarius stays away from people with ego:

Some who is concentrates only towards themselves and just aren’t ready to listen to what an Aquarius has to say, then such a person has no place in this sign’s life.


If a person who is not able to respect Aquarius’s space, which they value the most or makes everything about themselves, then such people end up repelling an Aquarius who then simply decides to walk away.


Aquarius is unpredictable:

The people belonging to this sign feel misunderstood at all times. However, a bit eccentric, these people are pretty humanitarian too.


They have unusual ways of showing their emotions but that doesn’t necessarily mean that these people don’t care. An Aquarius just does things differently.


The people belonging to this sign are very straight forward. These people invest most of their time doing social activities as they want to make the world a better place.


Aquarius spends most of its time thinking about life and how can it be better. These people even make working in NGOs and non-profitable organizations their careers.


These people have a lot to give to the world and they are happy to do so. The strengths of these people are their vision, intellect, and humanity.