According to your Zodiac Sign, How Do You Act on Face-Time calls?

FaceTime calls can be excessively fun if both the people behind the screens have a really good rapport and know when to crack jokes. Friends who face time one another often end up on the floor, hollering and laughing out loud madly because they just can’t control their laughter. But what if you’re facetiming a stranger or your future employer who’s taking your interview over Facetime?

 Doesn’t matter the purpose, just like people act differently on Facetime calls, each zodiac sign acts differently when they’re engaged on Facetime call. With the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, Face time calls have become very important to stay connected to one another. Read down below as to how your Zodiac Sign makes you act on Face time subtly! 


Aries love hollering!

 Aries are the kind of people who won’t stop cursing, yelling, and hollering when needed on FaceTime calls. Whether it is a group call or an individual call, they will be the first ones to initiate the conversation and carry it along. They love staying connected to their friends in reality as well as virtually. 


Taurus cooks during Facetime calls

 Taurus people can surprise you over Face time calls. You will either find them cooking in their kitchen as they talk to you over Face time or either in the bathroom, pooping or peeing. They like to do things simultaneously without wasting any time. On Face time calls, they will crack jokes and will tell your girlfriend or boyfriend an embarrassing story of yours! 


Gemini isn’t so fond of Facetiming…

 Gemini is the social butterfly of all the zodiacs just like its air companion Libra. However, Geminis can be extremely secretive and quiet over Facetime. They’ll tend to observe every movement that may happen in your surroundings and will be the first ones to notice it. Facetime calls aren’t up Gemini’s alley as they like to interact more in person. They love reading the body language of others and Facetime may obstruct them to do so. 


Facetime is Cancer’s guilty pleasure

 Cancer, the sensitive one, will love to spend hours and hours on Facetime with their family or their spouse. They’ll be the persons who share every detail of their day if they value you as someone close to them. On Facetime, they like to act very silly and become coy when you appreciate them for their work. Facetime calls are Cancer guilty pleasure to pass time and stay connected with their peers. 


Leos love attention!

 Leos are a bunch of crazy people who will Facetime you in the middle of an accident and if they have an injury. No matter where they are if you’re in need, they will always pick up your call over Facetime. They love attention on Facetime. One second, they will be all brave and bold, and the next they’ll be feeling weak in their knees if you compliment them. Leo loves discussing new movies over Facetime calls and their thoughts about it. 


Virgo screenshots pictures during Facetime calls

 Virgo will act bored on Facetime calls but that’s far from the truth. They act bored but they’re making notes about you internally while talking to you. They are the kind of people to click sneaky screenshots of you and upload them on their Instagram stories. Virgos love to boost their peers’ confidence when they’re feeling low and Facetime allows them to go into a mentorship mode when needed be. 


Libra gets all quiet on Facetime

 The airy and sociable libra may become quiet just like Gemini on Facetime calls. They don’t know how to put in extra effort to carry the conversation. The best partner for Libras during Facetime calls will be Aries as Aries are not afraid of embarrassing themselves and can even loosen up Libra’s nerves. 


Scorpio loves eye contacts

 Scorpios are all about staring and noticing every crook and cranny of your face on Facetime calls. Scorpio love to smile and reassure if you’re in a nervous mode. Facetime calls with Scorpios feel safe and they make people comfortable almost instantly with their down-to-earth nature. 

Sagittarius loves to discuss books on Facetime!

 Sagittarius people love discussing novels and information about their fandom to which they belong online over Facetime calls. Very enthusiastic and expressive by nature, Facetime calls with a Sag are far from boring. They can talk about anything from leaves to the stars to Quantum physics and more! 


Capricorn cracks goofy jokes during calls

 During Facetime calls, Capricorns can let their guard down and go along very easily with others than in reality. They love to make you laugh with their goofy jokes and scenarios. Caps love to show off during Facetime calls. 


Aquarius loves making knock-knock jokes

 Aquarius love to crack knock-knock jokes over Facetime calls. If you cry in front of an Aquarius, they might end the call as they feel awkward and sad when someone cries in front of them. They love to debate during Facetime calls and often make hilarious jokes about poop.


Dreams are all about Pisces can talk about …

The soft and gentle Pisces love to discuss their dreams and desires over Facetime calls. They love to reassure their friends who are anxious and fill you up with much-needed positivity to start your day. 


Facetime calls are often hilarious; worth remembering and make our day while conversing with friends and family. Zodiac signs have all different traits which make their personality act up differently even on Facetime calls! 

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