According to Astrology, how does the Moon Phase affect your life?

According to Astrology, how does the Moon Phase affect your life?

It is not just a coincidence that the word “lunar” and “lunatic” are interrelated. The professionals looking after the patients in mental asylums confirm that 81% of the people suffering from some kind of mental disorder tend to appear more “ill” on Full Moons. Many kinds of research have been conducted to decipher any possible connection between different phases of the Moon and human behaviour. But the conclusion suggests that there’s still no confirmed relationship between the two. Archaeological data suggests that Moon watching is as old as 25,000 years. Accordingly, our ancestors have been relying on Moon for specificities like when to sow the seed, harvest, and reap crops. Just like the Earth revolves around the Sun, the Moon also revolves around the Earth and completes this cycle in 29.5 days. This is known as Lunar Cycle. There might be no scientific data to prove the effect of Moon phases on Humans but the possibility can’t be ruled out. It is not groundless. 

In Astrology, Sun represents the Masculine qualities in a person, whereas the Moon showcases the Feminine, Yang with the Sun which is a Yin energy of the celestial balance. Moon is often treated as a symbol of fertility and creativity. Thus, the phase and placement of the Moon in the natal chart of an individual tend to predict aspects of personality like: feelings and emotions, femininity, nurturing quality, past impressions (of another lifetime), subconscious, etc. According to Vedic Astrology, people born in a Waxing phase (from New to Full) are extrovert and confident. Whereas, in a Waning phase (from Full to New), natives are more reflective and withdrawn. 

There are four primary phases of the Moon—New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon, and the Third Quarter. Secondary phases consist of the—Crescent, Gibbous, Disseminating, and Balsamic. The Zodiac wheel, like all circles, is 360 degrees and each Moon phase is precisely 45 degrees in Zodiacal longitude. Hence, our eight phases add up this number and each Moon phase lasts for about 31/2 days. 

New Moon (0-45 Degrees)

Natives tend to be energetic and enthusiastic. As no light reflects on this day, individuals born in this phase shun the limelight and are more involved behind the scenes. They are very childlike and rely more on their intuition, than logic.

Crescent Moon (45-90 Degrees)

Natives are very creative. They are more focused and work with a sense of purpose, rather than leaving any project midway. They are energetic too but in moderation.

First Quarter (90-135 Degrees)

Natives are risk-takers. Just like a seed grows into a sapling and then a plant, these individuals rise to challenges. They’re very determined but quick to anger. Anger is to be controlled and watched.

Gibbous (135-180 Degrees)

Natives love to plan and organize what they wish to do in life. They are not impatient and have this desire to purify to reach the maximum level of satisfaction and productivity. They try to keep everybody’s wellbeing in mind and love to work on their personal development too. 

Full Moon (180-235 Degrees)

Natives love to explore the dynamics of a relationship in totality. The companionship of another person acts as a catalyst for their growth and they act like extroverts. They are very passionate. 

Disseminating (135-90 Degrees)

Natives want to work for the community and often choose professions where they can teach others. They are prone to move from place to place, spreading pebbles of wisdom and love to write and research.

Third Quarter (90-45 Degrees)

Just as the leaves mature, natives begin to re-evaluate the old and become ready for dramatic shifts in their life further. They yearn to know something deeper and profound and believed to reject the old that they’ve accumulated.

Balsamic (45-0 Degrees)

Natives are inward-looking, very spiritual, wise, and complex in their ways. They prize alone time and yearn to retreat, living like a hermit.

Fascination with the Moon is increasing. Looking at the Moon placement with Astrology is useful to decipher some aspects of our personality with which we remain in conflict. As they say, when the Moon is concerned, the individual moves from logic to magic.