Money Reiki explicitly deals with the energy signatures of money. It enhances one’s ability to earn as well as the management of finances with a greater level of effectiveness. Unlike the customary prosperity techniques, Money Reiki focuses on the clearance of negative energies that are associated with money more than the methods of procurement of copiousness. This process is totally harmless to the person practicing this branch of Reiki or to the people around him and only reaps innumerable positive benefits. One can start inculcating Money Reiki by formulating some positive affirmations or set a certain required goal. This specific institution first builds up a positive aura system to have a stronger upshot on the affirmations. Using this culture over a period of time will increase its efficiency.



Energy blocks can be basically understood as an impact of a negative aura, or a negative individual, or could be associated with an unfinished commission our could be a mental barrier our mind has levied upon us. As money also are a form of energy, thus money blockages imply an underlying dogma or distress related to finances. Some common negative assumptions include believing that you do not deserve money or it is a bad idea to get rich because of the underlying fear of the negative impact that wealth could bring upon you, a disproportionately generous mindset as nothing in the extremities is considered healthy, low expectations which does not siphon the required energy for the path to prosperity, lack of planning of goals which leaves a void mind having no place to hit the bull’s eye, fear of success that basically is your mind being afraid of changes or that success won’t last for long, blindness to signs by ruling out instincts which means you’re failing to realize the signs that are sent to you from the universe, and distractive vibrations from the surroundings that includes carelessness, poor organization techniques or items that are subdued with negative energy.

One can clear such assertions by practicing meditation, making positive affirmations, reframing your thought process and connecting to the spiritual energy, strengthening your intuition, maintaining a balance of generosity and doing both, giving and receiving, setting goals and realizing aspirations, having a firmer belief in yourself and the power you possess, and dealing with the anxieties of achieving goals and success. A detailed procedure for clearing monetary blockages is described below.



Money barriers can be cleared by identification of the presumed false theories about money, liberating those superstitions and formulating new and effective affirmations. This Reiki technique can be used whether or not you are attuned to Reiki. You can go through this process either with your partner, alongside a healing group of individuals or just by yourself, depending on your comfortability.

For the process of realization, you need to meditate and have a spiritual conversation with your mind, in a serene and secure space void of external disturbances. Recall your childhood experiences with money, even if it takes a while and note it down. Identify the negative conventions due to the past and ongoing experiences with money. In order to release the underlying beliefs, send Reiki one at a time to each of the experiences one by one until you feel you have recovered or healed. You may use the distance symbol as you need to send Reiki across time. You may have to use Reiki more than once, perform sessions either by a Reiki master or by yourself depending on how deep-rooted the remembrance is. You could try reassuring yourself with a calmer, a positively inclined belief and try remembering the experience again. After you have completed working on clearing away the negative reminisces leading to stagnation, you may formulate new, positive and healthy beliefs. You could picture a certain desire to be achieved after a certain period of time, without judging it on the scale of reality and dream as big as possible. After envisioning the model life, you can start sending Reiki to it on a periodic basis, thereby, setting foot on the path that your heart desires your life to be.