While we observe the day of well being at an international level, it is important to pay our respects by spreading awareness about the same. World Mental Health Day observed on the 10th of October every year marks the advent of raising awareness about mental health issues and normalizing and working towards the existence of such issues. Addressing the mental health of people at a global level is a huge step towards making amendments and this day also acts as an opportunity for all the stakeholders to use this platform as a way of sharing their work, their stories, and the remedies about the same.  Adolescence and the early age of adulthood count for the time when we go through the maximum amount of changes from emotional and mental to physical changes as well. Some people have the capacity and the confidence to deal with these changes with their guard up and their emotions will strong. But such people are exceptions and the real issue to address is the increasing number of children and even adults not being able to handle the amount of stress and emotional weightage in their lives. Such people need to seek help in order to stay sane and stable without making any decision which might have severe consequences for their families and loved ones. 


The advent of technology and advancement sure does have a great impact on the world if viewed through a general lens, but these advancements also play a part in bringing up additional pressures for several little buddies out there. Natural disasters, epidemics, personal familial issues and all the other negative aspects of one’s life might have a great deal of impact on the young future of each nation. Maintaining healthy and steady adolescent health brings a positive impact not only on the particular person but also on the economies and society as a whole. Recognizing and addressing the issues at an early stage will definitely help you fight the early stages of mental distress and illness especially amongst adolescents and even adults. 


Mental health is as important as one’s physical and emotional well-being, as it works hand in hand if one’s not in the right frame of mind the mental instability can cause a great deal of fall in terms of your physical health and emotional well being. Addressing this day does not mean throwing light on the issue of mental distress instead, this day brings us to the realization that, being self-sufficient and self-motivated is extremely vital to lead a healthy life. One cannot lend a hand of assistance to someone if you’re not able to help yourself. Being optimistic sure does take a lot of strength and resilience, but once you get there you’ll be the most satisfied and settled person one can come across. 


The concept of self-love and self-awareness might seem to be little a weird and cliched one, but it sure does do wonders once adapted. Loving and appreciating your own existence is one of the biggest achievements in life, self-love gives us the key to look around the world with a colourful and a magical vision and it gives you the opportunity to expose yourself to others without fear or anxiety. Accepting and embracing the concept of self-love gives you a clean chit for mental health and well being and keeps depression and anxiety at bay. Especially in terms of the millennials self-love and compassion is fancy and not a necessity, but it’s high time that we consider it not only as a motivational heading but more as a part of our physical and mental body. It allows us to make mistakes and forgive ourselves, it gives us the right to analyze and appreciate our effort and helps us in dealing with criticisms. Addressing and celebrating this day even more important in the present scenario as we see the entire world dealing with a global pandemic and holding our will power strong during such circumstances is the hardest to achieve. So, give your mental health the topmost priority it deserves and hold on, for there’s hope in everything and for everyone. It’s just a phase so, try and be your best self and even this will fade away. 

Shine on!!