A Route to Making an Aquarius Woman Yours!

A Route to Making an Aquarius Woman Yours!

Rebellious and unique, Aquarians are personalities born between the 19th of January and the 19th of February, Aquarius is ruled by the planet of Uranus. They come under the element of air. This makes them the communicators, doers, and thinkers of the zodiac. They are always proving and analyzing situations and are often risk-takers. They are neither too emotional nor too cold and detached. They are the perfect balance of both. Do you find yourself falling in love with an Aquarius woman? Well, here's a guide into the beautiful woman's heart and what you should know before diving in.  


The personality of an Aquarius woman- 

An Aquarius woman is not the usual woman who would conform to societal expectations. She prefers to live life by thinking out of the box, on her terms. She loves taking risks and lives for the thrill of trying something new. She is deeply motivated by justice and change in society, and always desires to leave a mark on society.

She is a humanitarian and is driven towards working for the greater good and dealing with issues like poverty, equal rights, human reform, etc. You will mostly find her in protests, marches, and petition, leading the line with her powerful opinion. She never stops for anyone or anything. Scared of none, her voice is powerful according to her.

She deeply cares for the plight of humanity and always aims to work for it. However, her care for the greater society may lead her to turn a blind eye towards her friends and family.

She may not always be patient and lend a helping ear to her friends and family in need. She is a deep intellectual and much of her friendships are based on intellectual bonds. She loves a serious conversation about politics or religion. In the same way, she is also a great communicator and quickly gets you talking to her, known or unknown.  


Love and Sexual life of an Aquarius woman: 

An Aquarius woman is best compared to a star as they seem cold and distant but never fail to shine with their faint glow. The more you get closer to them, the more they shine. You may find her not present in the present even though she is right next to you. But, don't mistake me, they are not cold and cut off. In fact, they are rather warm-hearted and gentle, especially at first.

However, the real love they fall in is with a conceptual relationship. They get super caught up with planning the future and forget to contribute to the present. They love to go old school and don't mind a long-distance relationship.

As long as she gets her own privacy and respect for her private space where she knows her independence isn't messed with, she can be a great partner. One of their biggest lookouts in a relationship is an efficient flow of communication with their partners.

These water bearers love a good orator and always look for those. When it comes to sex, the Aquarian woman is pretty old school and routined. Thus, you may not be in the right place if you are expecting to try new things in bed. 


Home and Family life of an Aquarius Woman- 

Aquarius women hate to stay in one place for too long so the concept of home may be somewhat superficial to them. These women live to travel and are the most comfortable on the road, thriving ahead. Unconventional living spaces are what they look for and if you give her that she can make a great homely woman.

However, if she is confined to the conventional bedroom, living room, kitchen situation, she won't particularly be too adjusting because it's just not her. Aquarius women love nature and often find comfort in such areas surrounded by greenery. It is when they actually feel at "home". Aquarius women 

tend to love the idea of having babies but reality makes them feel differently. However, she loves bringing out the child inside her when around children which makes them pretty comfortable and happy to stay around her. The mischievous girl she is makes her share her rebellious and naughty ideas with children and she finds joy in engaging in such activities together.