Pleasing a woman and wooing them is not a cakewalk, I’m sure all boys know that. Well, if you don’t then you better know that we women need some extra attention if you’re interested in us. The female clan is all about congeniality and love, so you better make a lot of efforts in order to woo us and to make us yours. So, here we have the naturally inquisitive divas, the Aquarians, they are the ones always thinking out of the box and the ones to take initiatives in all kinds of social agendas. An Aquarian woman is all about brilliance, passion, and good looks, they are the ones who care a great amount about the plight of humanity and she will do anything from her end in order to make a change in the world. 

Every woman has their preference (these divas are quite picky) so you better wanna know each and everything about the girls you’re interested in so as to woo and keep herby your side for the rest of your life. As for the Aquarius woman, you would want to take the uncommon road as they like it out of the box. Here are a few ways that might help you get a direct entry into an Aquarius women’s heart: 


Okay so, as we’ve been shouting him out loud that Aquarius women love the eccentric appeal. They believe in being totally different and unusual from the crowd and as for her man, she will prefer a person with originality and self-invention at its best. If you’re planning to impress an Aquarian girl then you might wanna try something different from what others usually do, in terms of fashion she would love to spot you in an unusual attire made up of your own fashion instincts rather than by following some popular trend. Also, if you’re shy in terms of expressing your weird and quirky story, well, then let me tell you that is the place where you can express anything unusual and goofy as that will attract the Aquarian woman even more. 


If you’re thinking of impressing an Aquarius woman and let me tell you that freedom is of utmost importance to them. These big rebels take a lot of offense if you try to pin them down or if you try to dominate you. So, you better stay on the mellow side and let them live the way they want to live as the more you try to tie them up the more they’ll want to run in the opposite direction. The aquarian women are the kind of people who believe in the mantra of live and let live, they would rather prefer a semi-open relationship than anything that would tie her or restrict her from doing what she loves. So, you better give her all the freedom she deserves or demands. 


If you’re up for dating an Aquarius woman then you will require a whole lot of confidence in you along with an independent personality. Aquarian women are big-time rebels and they are always ready to fight a bull without even giving it a thought and realizing the consequences. These divas prefer the kind of boys that have the accurate amount of self-respect and a brave attitude in them. They like to have a tough fight and they also love adventure so it’s preferable that you have an independent and strong streak in you if you’re thinking of impressing an Aquarius woman. 



If you’re thinking of impressing these picky divas then one sure short tip to get these girls by your side is to be friends first. Trust me, if you approach the Aquarian girls as a friend first it’ll be quite a good opportunity for you to make a base for yourself. It is a well known fact that friendship is one of the best resorts to begin with a relationship and in the case of the Aquarius women being friends might give you quite a kick-start into a life long relationship as they vouch for understanding and the bond of friendship provides you quite a good level of understanding. 

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