A Flick of the Magic Wand, and All Your Stresses are Gone- Simple Stress Remedies

A Flick of the Magic Wand, and All Your Stresses are Gone- Simple Stress Remedies

As perfect as the picture of life may seem, it is indeed a whirl of emotions ranging from good to bad to the better to worse. As we grow up our life slowly starts changing from a happy blissful one where we spread our arms into the open, knowing nothing can beat us, to a life where we must think before doing something, deal with the consequences, suffer and make mistakes. In this up and down journey, a constant that stays is stress.

Stress should not be thrown away like it is something not to be looked after. Once stress gets to you, it can affect every area of your life. From good to bad. It can make you fall into depression, anxiety, trauma, and whole other illnesses that are as serious as contracting a physical disease. Stress causes distress in the heart, blood pressure, and severe conditions affect the functioning of organs.

Believe it or not, stress can cause serious illnesses for which the only cure is mental well-being. Thus, one must always look for ways to quieten the storm inside, brace life in its flaws and perfections, and to rise above the stress. Read below to get an insight on some easy, yet extremely helpful tips to deal with stress. 


Few Simple Ways to Get Rid of Stress: 



As mainstream as it may sound, exercise is the most natural and best way to minimize the stress and get the oxytocin levels in your body pumping. Cortisol- the stress hormone of the body, is reduced by regular exercise.

Exercise releases endorphins in the body which are chemicals that help brighten the mood. Regular exercise also improves the sleep cycle of the body which is beneficial in handling anxiety levels.  


If your stress levels are severe and your profession or lifestyle is one that is prone to high-stress levels, it is good to consider taking supplements that help reduce stress and anxiety levels.

Certain supplements that one can consider are lemon balm, ashwagandha, omega-3 fatty acids, kava kava, valerian, and green tea. 

Enhance smells.

The sense of sight does dominate over the sense of smell but that does not undermine the power of the sense of smell. Smelling fresh and refreshing scents can reduce stress levels and relax the mind.

Using scents to make the mood better is called aromatherapy. The most commonly used incenses are lavender, rosemary, rose, vetiver, neroli, orange, orange blossom, etc. Do yourself a favor and light a candle at home! 

Reduce Caffeine Intake.

Yes, it is hard to start the day without your daily intake of caffeine but high doses of caffeine cause extreme anxiety. I’m not saying to let go of your morning cup of coffee that helps you ‘start your day’, but keep a check on that chart.

The maximum number of cups a day should be reduced to four if not less.  

Express through writing.

As poetic as this point may seem, writing down your thoughts is one of the best self therapies you can treat yourself with! Start by writing how you feel, this will help you feel lighter. Have a good cry if you need it, another healthy way to let it out if practiced occasionally.

However, end the writing by expressing what you are grateful for. Gratitude helps ease stress and look at the better sides of life. 

Chewing gum.

This is for the stress before a big meeting, event, or presentation. A study showed that people who chew gum have better mindsets and lesser stress.

Chewing gum causes brain waves that are similar to those experienced by a relaxed person. 

Spend time with loved ones.

Distraction is a great remedy to ease temporary stress. Being in the presence of loved ones automatically helps you bathe in a positive aura and brighten up your spirits. Shared jokes, laughs, conversations and activities only make it easier. 

Take out time for yourself. It is very important to take out time for yourself, especially in today’s busy and chaotic age.

No matter what, let at least an hour in the day be saved for you and your hobbies. In that hour, read a book, pursue hobbies, play games, write, take pictures, do whatever your heart wants. Trust me, it works like magic!