A Dive Into Your Soul : The Essence of Spiritual Journey

A Dive Into Your Soul : The Essence of Spiritual Journey

“Spiritual  journey is the unlearning of fear and the acceptance of love”- Marianne Williamson

What is a spiritual journey?

A spiritual journey is a personal quest we engage in to find out who we are, and embody our true values. In a nutshell, the spiritual journey is about discovering and getting back to our true being: it’s a path generally undertaken by people who has renounced worldly attachments. But now in these times where things have changed, and we’re suffering from loss of soul, the spiritual journey is available  to  everyone. Indeed, it’s our deepest and highest calling as human beings.

Why Spiritual Journey?

“Who am I?” How many times have you thought about your existence? Have you found a satisfactory answer to this? Throughout the ages, philosophers, scientists, scholars, and religious teachers have made efforts to give satisfactory explanation to the question of existence.

And yet, I intend to believe that within each of us lies the real answers, in your undefined territory called the soul.

But, sadly only few of us know how to reach that light, which burns so brightly inside us. Could it be possible that we have forgotten something very significant about life? To reconnect to our true selves, we must free ourselves from the maze of external demands and materialism. We must turn inward to listen to this voice inside us, voice of our creator, which gives true meaning to our existence. We must recover our SOUL.

How to pursue your spiritual journey?

One must prepare for the journey to soul, The first step is to close off the world outside, the world of judgment and rationalization so that you can begin to tune in to the inner world of consciousness. For years, monasteries have isolated individuals for this same reason.

But, how can we do this when we are constantly bombarded with outside stimuli? Every single day, we can’t help but hear the news stories of violence, illness, devastation and gossips about movie actors and political figures.

We worry about the economy, how to save for ourselves. Our consciousness revolves around the continuous happenings of a restless physical existence. We don’t have the time to stop and think quietly, to acknowledge the fact that we all are souls on a personal path to enlightenment.


To begin your journey, you must attune to an inner world. The visualization that follows will help you do so. For example, Take a book, read few paragraphs and then put down the book and visualize the contents. The best way to go about this is by closing your eyes, to close off outer world and to focus inwardly.


As you close your, I need you to be aware of your senses. Be observant of everything going on around you. You may hear the noise of people talking, traffic or children playing outside. Try not to let such distractions bother you. Don’t judge them. Just let them be what they are. Now, I need you to focus your mind by concentrating and bringing your attention into your body. Concentrate on each part of your body. Just observe it, don’t try to fix it. Just let it be.

Now, take a deep breath and slowly let it out. I want you to become aware of your breath. The next time you breath, see it as energy, experience this energy running inside and outside of your body.

Awaken your mind...

The mind is the window to nature itself. The mind can create, imagine, and reason. For example, writing or painting. Writers or any artists begin with an idea of a certain story or picture, and then they transform into paper or canvas. How did they reach there? The brain can deliver only what is put into it.

By understanding that not the brain but the mind is the source of ideas, we must also understand that each individual mind is connected to the universal mind and shares in its substance.

When a person is centered and thinks of thoughts of love, peace, and abundance, he will get back the experiences of those thoughts. Stop there, and think for a moment, everyone thinking about good thoughts. It is mind-blowing, isn’t it?

Follow your heart, and be true to yourself. You have to create your own path. Use your spiritual awareness to encourage and comfort others, we help those who are caught in their own illusions, judgements and misconceptions. We show them the keys to their own beautiful inner light.

Shine this light to the far ends of the earth so that everyone can see it.