A detailed insight into the possibilities of Delay in one’s Marital status 

A detailed insight into the possibilities of Delay in one’s Marital status 

Marriage is contemplated as one of the most important and sacred bonds in the history of Vedic astrology. People residing in a country like India tend to take up the traditions and customs of our society of utmost importance. The traditionally bound relationship of marriage gives us the realization that how significant and supreme are the customs of our astrological norms. Speaking of marriage some people struggle with the daily queries of when will I get married?or why am I not getting married already?

Well, the answers to these questions might seem to be easy ones, but if we critically view these questions through an astrological lens, then the scenario might shift a little. There are planets and houses responsible for early or delayed marriages, no were not just blaming the planets, but we have a proper observation as to why does one face a delay in marriage. Let us have a look at a detailed guide about the reasons and the causes for delay in marriage. 

House associated with marriage

Before getting all pepped up to look into the reason behind a delay in marriage, one shall first and foremost spend some time learning about the house of marriage in astrology. The seventh house in astrology counts for the house of marriage. It is responsible for the kind of partner you find and the nature of your marriage is also determines by the charms of this house. The strength and force of the seventh house and the seventh lord combined is very important for content and successful married life. 

Apart from the seventh house, the eighth house and the eleventh house are also very important to be considered while speaking of the marital status of a native. The eighth house is all about the physical interaction and the sexual activity between the two natives in a marriage. Sexual intimacy carries most of the weight in terms of a successful marriage. Whereas the eleventh house counts the total success quotient in ones life. 

Planets responsible for the delay

The general understanding of astrology blurts out that the unfavorable positioning of the planets or the unfavorable characters of the planets, in general, tend to cause a delay in one's marriage. Just to specify a few, the most malefic planets in astrology are Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn. The negative impacts of these planets or if these planets influence the marriage house in a malefic tone then the native might face a delay in his/her marriage. 

The planet of Saturn is usually the one held responsible for the delay in marriage, so if Saturn influences the house of marriage which is the seventh house then the native is likely to get married at a later age. Rahu and Ketu, on the other hand, are secondary causes for a delay in marriage, if Rahu or Ketu influence the seventh house then it creates a Rahu-Ketu dosha in marriage. 

Moreover, apart from these two, the planet of Venus is known to be that of love so, if Venus is afflicted in any which way then the native will, unfortunately, face a delay in their marriage. 

Age bar for marriage

Even though we have come a long way in terms of modernization and the millennials nowadays do not follow these age bars as stated out by our elders and ancestors. But there still is a certain age where a person is considered to be eligible for marriage. As per the current changes, 25 to 27 is known to be the best age for a woman to get married. Whereas 27-29 is considered to be a perfect age for men to get married. 

Factors that might cause a delay in marriage

- If the planet of Saturn and Sun are placed together in the Lagna, and if the two of them are placed together in the seventh house then there will either be a total denial or a huge delay in marriage. 

- Since Venus is the worldwide indicator of marriage if Saturn is in conjunction with Venus then this might be a reason behind your delayed marriage. 

- If by any chance the seventh lord is retrograde then again, there is a chance for the delay in marriage. 

- The Rahu and Venus association will also cause a delay in marriage.