Librans are emotional people by nature and tend to get a little intense when it comes to their feelings. They are complex creatures who love the materialistic pleasures life has to offer them and are a huge fan of aesthetic things. They have an eye for aesthetics, and love being surrounded by beautiful things, which is not really a surprise considering the fact that they are ruled by the planet Venus who is known to rule over beauty and all things alike. Librans are the people who are born between the twenty-third of September and the twenty-second of October and belong to the Air signs who are known to be curious and intellectual.

Librans love being in love

Libras love being in love and are always looking for meaningful and lasting relationships. They cannot do casual relationships and always prefer serious and long term relationships over casual and short term ones. They are the happiest when they are in love and are in their element when they are besotted. They love the romance and the beauty of a relationship. They choose their life partners really carefully so that they do not end up breaking their heart. They are extremely loyal to the people they love and care about. At times, the love also tends to go get obsessive and unhealthy, completely toxic to both the individuals and that is when a Libras knows it is time to backtrack or take a break from the relationship. Libras are known to be diplomatic and tactical, they are the peacemakers of the group. They know how to soothe ruffled egos and can use tact well to their advantage without the other person even realising that they have been manipulated. They select their words carefully in the presence of a highly charged person who is vibrating with anger and can defuse the person easily with just their usage of words and the tone of their voice leading to believe that the other person is in charge of the situation when clearly, they were not. They love meeting new people and getting to know them better. Of course, there are more signs that are much more outgoing and social than Libras but they surround themselves with people who are always learning and introducing them to new ideas and creative ways of thinking and always keeping them on their toes.

Libras think out of the box and know how to execute those ideas as well

Libras are creative people who are completely resourceful and productive when it comes to getting new ideas and executing them. They have the creative streak in them and are the people who always happen to think outside the box. Their ideas tend to surprise you and the wit behind them leaves you chuckling and appreciate them better. They are people who are keen-witted and are quick to reply with retorts and quips. They always think positively and it is in their nature to be idealistic. Their optimism rubs off on you and is completely contagious. While they do tend to be optimistic and positive, there are times when they get into funks and find themselves depressed and unhappy without a reason.

Libras making amazing friends and are always seeking companionship. They hate being alone and are always with someone. They tend to be indecisive and while they are vain, they also tend to be insecure. Being vain is a downfall which hits Librans harder because they happen to be insanely self-destructive when they start to pity themselves. If they make a mistake or are proven wrong they start overthinking and feel completely worthless. They have a lot of trouble in just admitting to themselves that they are wrong. They hate confrontation, remember how they are the peacemakers? Yep, that is exactly why they hate confronting anyone. They have a strong idea of justice and hate it when someone is done wrong by someone. While they do hate do confrontation, they will stand up for the person who was wronged. Libras are amazing people but when it comes to dealing with emotions, their own to be precise, they do not know how to deal with it constructively and often when they feel sad or bad, they end up spiralling downwards.