Being loved and having a love interest of our own is considered to be of utmost importance nowadays. Being able to love and getting the same amount of attractions and passion in return has a long-prevailing significance in the current generation. Receiving an intense amount of life from your partner or be to from any other relation one’s life can be equally a blessing and a curse as well. Being extremely passionate and possessive about your loved one can cost you your self-esteem and, on the other hand, loving someone with all your heart and soul with a true intention can cause you the same respect and love in return. Love is a pure form of dedication that is hard to find and so as to evaluate happiness in life one needs to understand the true meaning of love. 

Being in love and being compatible with each other are two different things. There’ a very thin one that differentiates the two. At times even immense love cannot generate compatibility amidst the two parties, whereas on the other hand, a strong sense of compatibility can easily contribute to love between the two. Being in love is a state of mind that contributes to the maximum amount of happiness in our life. But the fact that love compatibility is also very important while being in love is something one needs to keep in mind so as to live a happily ever after fairytale of your own. It is really important for a couple to be compatible with each and every sense in order to live a conflict-free life with their ‘to be’ partner. Now the question arises that how can one maintain the presence of love compatibility beforehand? 

There are two answers to this question in particular:


Living in a society, how can one not pay attention to the significance of astrology in our community. Traditions and rituals are extremely vital for our heritage and following them while taking a big decision in life is even more important. Speaking of love compatibility, our forefathers have laid down certain rules regarding the matchmaking of a couple. Kundali matching is one of the biggest steps towards determining the love compatibility of the two parties involved There are several factors under this matchmaking process, one of which is the Ashthakoota method, this involves eight kootas that help us determine the romantic, mental, love, physics and emotional compatibility of the couple in light. Each kootas represent different perspectives in terms of the couple’s gelling up concept. So, all in all, matching kundalis is also one of the major resorts to turn in order to dig deep into the love compatibility of the natives. 


Even though love marriages were not widely accepted in the earlier days, but now there is a beaming number of love marriages due to the advances community we live in So, now since the advent of the concept of love marriages is not considered a taboo people think of it as an easy way to create a level of compatibility beforehand. Well, it's not in the case of love marriages even the ones who have not known to each other for a long time even they can go out on a few dates before entering into wedlock so as to understand the person in and out. Knowing or not knowing each other beforehand is not the actual issue, the point here is to know the person well before committing them a life long bond. Be it for the people who’ve been in a relationship for a while or for the people entering into an arranged marriage, in both cases, one can always get to know the other person so as to determine the emotional, physical, and mental compatibility of the two parties involved.