A Capricorn Man and a Virgo Woman; their Compatibility and the Sex


The Virgo Woman is considered to be the Goddess of the life she is inhabiting. She is basically the most amazing thing that might be happening to anyone else. She is sort of a perfectionist and she brings on the fire the way she wants it in her life. She is charming, intelligent and a perfect combination of brains with beauty. She puts to use both of these when the time comes and nothing less could ever be expected out of her. At whichever stage one meets her, be that in her maiden stages or her nuptial stages, she is sure to bring on some magic out for the people to praise and get swept off their feet by her sheer brilliance. Even in love, all she requires is some ground that she can put her feet on and stand. Her expectations are not very high for people to actually work their ass for the entire life and yet not make into her books. They are kind of picky they live in their own sculpted world of perfection and would require that no one tries to disrupt it. Therefore she chooses someone who can actually blend in with it in amazing ways.

A Capricorn man is very much like a shell that is hard to open. He plays hard to get. There is some difficulty in prying him open. Therefore living with such a guy is always worth the catch. He will give you the exact amount of fire you might need in your life. A Capricorn man has a very secretive nature. He will not let anyone in his life on unnecessary pretexts and hence will actually not yield much to the other people. To actually get into his hots, you have to be extraordinarily path-breaking and out of the box. They are very careerists and are pretty goal-oriented. So when you date a Capricorn man, you also date his ambitions and goals and his career. So make sure that you give enough space for that too. The Capricorns are the rugged kind of sexy, sexy in a secretive way. The Capricorn man is one amongst the list of bad boys of the Zodiacs. Being with a Capricorn man, it is the chills of being the chase of the ruler of an already made empire that now requires a queen(or a king). They are already well established when they are seeking love.


It all starts with friendship. They may begin as good friends, seeing a lot of common things amongst themselves and then they might jump in for higher things. When a capricorn man and virgo woman start dating or seeing each other they might always want to consider the options of becoming good friends first and then look out for higher things and expectancies. To most people, the connection between a Virgo woman and a Capricorn man might look dry, but it is for them to feel the spark. They are actually one of the most compatible pairings as per astrology. They both love to delve into deep communications. They are the heart to heart kind of people and would love to make it through their hearts if the entire is possible. They both have cared for nuances and subtleties and hence they develop an understanding pretty quickly. They make an intellectual connection that is beyond compare and sparks and hots always begin at home, just like charity.

Other people might actually be too judgemental about a Capricorn man and a Virgo woman but indeed they are very much full of content when it comes to making it through the odds for a relationship. They know how to keep the spark splintering for each other. They always match the levels of maturity and pragmatism. They have equal servitude in situations and the same tactics of using the brain. They can put up with difficult circumstances and therefore they are the emotional investments they actually require for each other. Capricorn men are the classy and disciplined king, and Virgo women are the punctual, clean and OCD-driven queens. They surely know how to run an empire. They get into the quirks of each other. They are very intimate kind of people. Though they love to socialize, the flashy lights, the loud music never gives them the buzz to be at such places. On Saturdays, they would love to sit on their couches and binge episodes of Outlander and ‘flix Crazy Stupid Love or La La Land.

The Capricorn man always makes the first move of sex. He hardly could keep it in his pants all through this point. Virgo woman would love to play the submissive role over here. She pretty much loves to get the fingers around her body to get undressed. Both of these groups are kind of traditionalists and hence sex toys or any other kind of experimentation would be minimized. Though it is always fun to see them chase and hots of what might lead to what when it comes to the King and the Queen. Capricorn man and virgo woman in bed love the foreplay and the body worship which each of them actually bestows upon each other (Remember Chandler and Monica hitting the notch and getting peaks at each other for the first time? Yeah, pretty much it.) They also know the point of making it hot, since most of their passions are on their work front. So is the case over here, they reserve the sizzle behind the closed doors. They make sure that nothing hoes dull, even while maintaining the high profile nature of it. They sometimes vent out emotions through their sex, sometimes their longing comes as the desirousness of the body (just like in The Notebook). A Capricorn man is always the first one to vent himself out on such high grounds, he knows the trade, he plays the card, and lets the Virgo woman win the game. So enticing is their sex. They also care for the intimacy of each other and hence know how to keep up the boundaries pretty high.

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