8 Important reasons to not avoid Kundali matching process before the marriage

8 Important reasons to not avoid Kundali matching process before the marriage

In India, marriages are based upon Kundali Matching or Horoscope matching. This is one of the most crucial steps that are done prior to making any decision related to getting married to the respective boy or girl. However, many people today do not believe in the process of getting their Kundali matched yet people that do would not want to get their children married unless the Gun Milan is done with their respective partners. In case you wish to know why kundali’s are matched before marriage, then read on to know the important reasons concerning the same-

1. Checking the compatibility factor

As per the Hinduism tradition, marriages are considered to be the union of two souls in a sacred partnership, a bond that is not just for this life but successive seven lives too for both the boy and girl together. Horoscopes specifically give details related to the placement of different planets and their subsequent effects on the life of the native. Since after the marriage, the luck, and destiny of one can even influence the spouse’s fate, it is important to analyze the Kundali of both bride and groom to check the compatibility factor.

2. Relationship quotient

Ashthkoot Milan is considered to be a prime factor while doing Kundali Milan for the brie and the groom. In this system, a total of 8 gunas are considered to check the harmony and understanding between the couple. A total of 36 points is given, based on the 8 gunas, and for the marriage to be acceptable at least 18 points or more should match.

3. Predicting physical as well as mental compatibility

Through Kundali matching the temperament, nature, aptitude and interests of both the couple is checked to ensure a happy and blissful marriage from the union. A physical desirability test is also taken into consideration as it is next to impossible for a marriage to survive if there is no physical attraction is there between the couple.

4. Family and financial conditions

Financial stability is an important aspect that is considered by all the parents prior to getting their children married. The job perspective of the boy and girl, the financial stability and home conditions, promotion chances all of them are looked after via the Kundali matching process. Other than this, another important thing that is predicted is the adjustment the factor between the couple as well as with their respective families.

5. Mismatched Kundali

A successful partnership is somewhat reflected by a properly matched Kundali of both the boy and the girl. So, in case if the Kundali does not match, the couple can remedy all the mismatching points by getting the upayas or solution from an experienced astrologer. Therefore, via astrology, many solutions can be found to get married to the person even if the Kundali’s do not match.

6. Dosha correction

Malefic planets when not well-positioned is apparently equipped for raising a ruckus into the conjugal existence of the pair. Consequently, Kundali Matching gets critical to go ahead with so as to distinguish these doshas and get them corrected from a presumed and experienced astrologer, in order to reduce the evil impacts of such planets in the horoscope. After correction of all the dosha, remedies including pooja and havan is done to ensure a happy and harmonious relationship between the couple post their wedding scenes.

7. Bearing offsprings

After getting married, children and their health become one of the major concerns for the couple. The eight gunas knew as the Nadi carries the most number of points and is an important indication of the childbirth and complications surrounding it. As a couple is considered complete only after a child, it is very particular and important for the parents to check through this aspect of marriage to ensure a happy outcome from the union.

8. Family Adjustment

In India, marriages are just not between the two people getting married but also their respective families. Two families form an alliance as a result of the union of two souls as Indian families are too deeply connected and each member is significant for one another. As the couple comes into the marriage, it is said that the lives of the relatives also get affected by the union.