7 Ways To Cleanse The Tarot Cards

7 Ways To Cleanse The Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are a very helpful divination tool that can guide us in many problems. A tarot card reading session should be done very carefully to avoid inaccurate results. Even if you are following every rule it is possible that you might get inaccurate results. This is because you are not cleaning your tarot deck when it is needed. You need to clean your tarot cards to remove the negative energies trapped in them and even to connect better with your cards.

Why do tarot cards need to be cleaned?

Cleaning a tarot card doesn’t mean to just remove dirt from your deck. While it is important to do even that but cleaning a tarot card means to remove all the negative energies from your cards which can get trapped into it during a tarot session. These cards have the ability to absorb the energies around them and so it is needed to free the cards from these energies. Even after purchasing a new tarot card you should clean it as it might have been touched or used by many different people. Cleaning a tarot card will make the card free from all sorts of negative energy trapped in them. A clean tarot card will give you more accurate results and will also help you to connect better with the cards. Now you can clean your tarot deck whenever you feel like it needs to be cleaned. Some prefer cleaning it after every reading or some prefers to clean it after a certain period of time. You will be able to know when the cards need to clean. You may observe that you are not able to connect with your cards or the cards are giving results differently or are a bit confusing.

How tarot cards can be cleaned?

1.       Some powerful crystals are used as protection while performing a tarot card reading session. It is said that these crystals can absorb all the negative energies from their surroundings into them. So, you can also use these crystals for cleaning a tarot card. Just put these crystals on your tarot cards for few days so that they can absorb all the energies from your tarot deck.

2.      Mediation is also a very great technique for cleaning a tarot card. Hold your cards in your hands and meditate with the cards. This will transfer the energy from your body to your cards. It is quite easy to do and does not require such things. You just need your cards. Many readers do this type of cleaning in between their reading. Meditation helps them to develop a deep focus during a reading session as well as it will help the cards to get cleaned.

3.      A more easy technique that readers often do to remove the negative energies from the cards is by shuffling. You will see every time before reading tarot cards, readers shuffle their cards so as to make sure that the energies from the readings of their previous clients get removed and they perform the reading of the new client with clean cards.

4.      Many Readers use incense to clean their cards. It is also a very great way to clean your cards. Pass your cards through the smoke and this way your card will get cleaned. The incense can also be used to clean the place where you are performing the tarot session.

5.      You can also put your cards outside in full moon night. Organize your cards in order before putting them outside. The moon’s light energy can bless your cards with positive energies and all the negative energies will get removed from the cards.

6.      The other popular method is to keep the cards under the sun. The sun’s bright light is an amazing tool to clean your card. The sun’s rays and the warmth will remove all the bad energies from the cards.

7.      Keep your cards in a clean place. Make sure you are performing a tarot session in a clean atmosphere. Wrap your cards with a clean piece of cloth. Don’t allow anyone to touch your cards. This may bring their negative energies to your cards.

You will see after cleaning your tarot card you’ll be able to connect better with the cards. You will observe that the cards are giving more positive results. Having said that not every reader believes in cleaning their tarot deck. So, if you are someone who believes in cleaning and thinks that you are able to reconnect better with your tarot cards then you can clean your cards. Otherwise, if you are someone who is not experiencing any difficulty without cleaning then you don’t need to do it.