7 Tarot Cards That Can Tell About Health Issues

7 Tarot Cards That Can Tell About Health Issues

These days tarot cards are used extensively for spiritual guidance, career, and relationship advice, healing but very few people know that these cards can also be used to answer medical questions. That doesn’t mean it can do exactly what a doctor is doing but it can give you a little insight into the condition of the clients. It is not so easy to read the health issues with tarot cards so beginners are advised to first know the exact meaning of each card. You need to very good with your intuition for reading a tarot card for health issues.

Tarot cards are able to indicate mental health problems like anxiety, depression, addiction, etc. as well as physical health like illness, allergies etc.

Which cards can be used for reading health issues?

1.      The Empress: This card mainly indicates female health issues like miscarriages or abortion. It can also be used to determine the condition of pregnancies. Weight gain, problems with vocal cords or thyroid glands, etc. can also be indicated by this card.

2.      The Devil – This card can be able to show addiction to any person, drugs, alcohol or sex. Devil card represents unhealthy attachments to people which needs to be get rid of.

3.      Temperance (Reversed) – This shows a sign of mental health issues. You may be suffering from anxiety, depression or any other mental diseases.

4.      Nine of swords - In this card, you can see a person sitting in his bed under his blanket putting his hands on his head showing that either he is tensed or is not able to sleep. Thus, this card can tell that you are suffering from insomnia or any mental issues which are disturbing you a lot.

5.      Star card (reversed) – As an upright star card can be a sign of hope, the reversed version of it can be an indication of hopelessness. This can be caused due to any major failure or a failed relationship.

6.      Death – This card can be an indication of any serious diseases like Cancer which can cause death to any person. Other meanings can be a death or end to any long term disease. Mentally it can signify fear, anxiety, or nightmares. Seek a doctor as soon as you can as this card can mean that the condition is quite critical.

7.      Strength – The upright strength can be seen as a sign of healing or the betterment of a disease. It can show that the person is showing good results medically. The reversed can indicate that a person is becoming weak due to any physical or mental disease. In the card, women and a lion can be seen in which the lion can be taken as a patient.

Always keep in mind that these cards can only be used to know about the condition of health issues. Once you feel that something is wrong with you or you are not feeling well immediately turn to a doctor instead of a tarot card reader. These cards cannot give you results as any doctor or psychiatrist can give. So, use them only to know about the present conditions.