7 easiest meditation techniques to calm your anxious mind

7 easiest meditation techniques to calm your anxious mind

Whenever we hear about meditation we imagine it to be complex and difficult. Yes, there are some meditation techniques that are very hard and it requires lots of practice to perform it properly. But there are some easy and yet effective techniques as well. These techniques are not only easy but it also doesn’t take up lots of time.

Meditation is an amazing tool for calming all the chaos in the mind. People have been using meditation for lots of different purposes.

Here we will discuss 7 easy and quick meditation techniques that will help you to calm the anxious mind.

7 Meditation techniques to calm your mind

Breathing exercise

Deep breathing can help a lot in calming your mind. It fills your brain with oxygen and you feel a calming effect in your mind. It is a very simple and quick meditation technique. Whenever your mind is getting distracted or you are feeling anxious, just stop whatever you are doing and take up a few deep breaths. You will see that after just a few deep breathes you are feeling a lot relaxed and calm.

Body Scan Relaxation Meditation

It is also an easy meditation technique. The only thing you need to do is to find a quiet place free from any distractions. Now, lie down on your back. Make sure every part of the body is relaxed. Now, take some deep breaths and close your eyes.

In these meditation techniques, you have to focus your attention on how your body feels. You have to feel the sensations of each and every body part. Focus on your hand, how does the hand feel. What are the sensations in your leg or head etc.?

Just feel and focus the attention on every body part. Try to perform this exercise for a few minutes. After that, you will definitely feel relaxed and calmer. But make sure you are in a silent place otherwise you won’t be able to focus.

Breathing from alternate noses:

It is a very powerful yogic technique that can help you a lot in relaxation. Breathing exercises work best for relaxation and stress management.

In this breathing exercise, you have to put your fingers on any one of the nostrils and then breathe from the other. Then change our hands and put it in another one, then breathe from the other nostril. Do it a few times. After this exercise, you will feel a sense of calmness inside your mind. All the chaos will get relaxed and you would feel a lot better.

Meditation by Visualization

Meditation by visualization is yet another very effective exercise. It doesn’t takes up much effort and can be quite effective as well.

Find a quiet place with no absolutely no distraction. Sit in a comfortable position will your back and after taking some deep breaths, close your eyes. Now, you need to visualize a calm place like a garden full of beautiful flowers or a sea. You have to create some images in your head where you will feel calm and include ideas that brings happiness. It is a very powerful meditation technique. Focus your attention for a few minutes on the visualization. Remove all other thoughts from the mind. It would be difficult initially, but after practice, you will be able to master it. A quiet place is essential for this technique as well.

Meditation using Mantras

Mantras have a calming effect on our minds. Whenever you hear mantras it automatically creates some vibrations inside your head which calm the entire mind. Just close your eyes and sit in a quiet place. Then chant some mantras.

When you are chanting any mantras, those words when get heard by your ear creates a calming effect in your unconscious mind. It is a very simple and very effective meditation technique. After only a single session, you will be able to see the difference it has created in your mind.

Simple Yoga Exercises

Yoga is very powerful not just as an exercise for your physical body but also for your mind. Yoga also creates a calming effect on the mind which can help a lot in stress management. With Yoga, the results will not be seen immediately. But regular practice of it will make your mind very strong and you will be able to fight with any kind of mental issues.

Meditation through prayers

Offering prayers is another very effective meditation exercise. Have you ever noticed that you will feel calm and relaxed after visiting any spiritual place like a temple. Prayers have got a lot of good effects on our minds. It fills our mind with lots of hope that there is someone who will be helping us in our tough times. Hence, we will be relaxed and calmer than before.