6 Love Tips to Survive Mercury Retrograde 2021

6 Love Tips to Survive Mercury Retrograde 2021


Mercury Retrograde is back again and making many people anxious. If you are not aware of what a Mercury Retrograde is, you should first know the meaning of what is a Retrograde. Retrograde is a term that has been derived from the Latin word retrogrades which means a backward step. So, a Mercury in Retrograde essentially means Mercury Planet moving backward. But think up folks, is it possible? No, it is not. When the Earth passes by Mercury, it creates an optical illusion that makes it look as if it is moving backward but it is not so in reality.


Mercury Retrograde is the time when all things related to communication and interconnectedness seem to go haywire. Astrologically, there is a reason behind it. In Astrology Mercury is seen as the planet which governs everything related to intellect, communication, technology, network, even the Internet, etc. So, people whose profession includes working with technology, the internet, and who rely heavily on communication are bound to be affected when the period of Mercury Retrograde begins. In Human relationships, communication is one very vital aspect. It can make or break the relationship. Thus, the period of Mercury retrograde is also seen to affect relationships, people parting ways with one another due to a misunderstanding, change in tone, etc. So, in your love life, it is also important to be fully sane and fully responsible when Mercury goes into retrograde. Here are 6 Love Tips for Mercury Retrograde 2021 that is going to be starting from 29th May 2021 and ending by 22nd June 2021.

Love Tip #1

Be patient.

It is extremely important to be patient not just with your partner but with everyone around you. Misunderstandings during Mercury Retrograde arise very easily. Thus, if you are not patient and the other person is not patient as well, misunderstanding and fights can occur which can lead to forceful and heated arguments unnecessarily.

Love Tip #2

Be a little less of yourself.

When you love someone, when you are in a relationship with them, you should know how to include their opinions, suggestions as well rather than you keep talking on and on. If you be a little less of yourself, less in terms of the ideas, titles, prejudices, opinions about yourself, you will see a nurturing quality enter within you, affecting your relationship very positively.

Love Tip #3

It is ok to fight but do not prolong it.

It is natural to feel guilty about something when we do something wrong. It can also include being involved in a petty, little fight and later feeling bad about it. Move on, do not hold on to the guilt. It will weigh you down. Rather apologize to your partner when you have both calmed down and tell them what you meant in real. End it as soon as possible rather than holding them or yourself to the blame.

Love Tip #4

Do not go to bed angry.

If you remember your grandmother’s tips of being in a state of well-being, she always advised you to wash your feet and take a bath before going to bed. She may not know the reason behind it but knows fundamentally that it is wrong to go to bed angry. If you and your partner fight just before sleeping, do not hold the emotion. Go and take a shower and never go to bed angry. Make up for the things as quickly as possible.

Love Tip #5

It is okay to be silent.

When you share a space with someone you love, you do not have to keep chatting with them all day. Hence, it is alright to be silent and not wanting to talk. Do not take it personally and give yourself and your partner space to breathe and be okay on your own and vice versa. Being silent and not engaging in any kind of communication will also mature your relationship.

Love Tip #6

Rather than saying “I can’t live without you” and understanding it as something romantic, live with this saying instead, “I can live without you but I choose to live with you.”

The most romantic statement today is that “I can’t live without you”. This suggests some sort of urgency as well as an agency over the other person. Rather than saying and believing that you can’t live without your partner, know that you very well can but you consciously choose to live with them. This will make you and your partner respect each other a lot more and move on from ugly situations pretty fast.