A good amount of research is going on meditation as well as its effect on the brain for a lot of years now.

There are so many theories giving the benefit of mediation on the brain and still new one’s keep on coming every week. 

Some of the old theories are also being proven true after careful analysis with the help of fMRI and EEG.

Meditation targets the gray volume of the brain which helps to reduce excessive activity in the brain area.

Below is the list of some of the main effects that the brain has on various parts of the brain and it will help you to have great insight into meditation and its benefits.

Meditation Changing Brain: Reduces Social Anxiety

The main reason due to which we start meditating is due to its ability to cure the stress of any kind. There are a lot of ways in which this theory has been proved too.

One of them is Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MSBR). This was given and developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn and it tries to combat the stress level, both physical as well as mental in a person. 

This is a proper eight weeks course but shows its positive effects even after the whole procedure is done. As it reduces stress, the parts of the brain associated with self-reference are the ones that get affected.

Meditation Changing Brain: Helps with Addiction

Meditation does wonder when it comes to self-control. Therefore, it is of utmost importance for everyone who is trying to get rid of the addiction of any sort.

As per certain studies, it is seen that people engaged in mediation found it easy to get rid of smoking and kept maintaining it too while the ones in proper centers took longer. 

The main reason behind all this is the fact that mediation will make you decompose the feeling of craving and hence teach you how to face it. Mindfulness mediation can cure any other type of addiction too.

Meditation Changing Brain: Increases Attention as well as Concentration

The problem of concentration is not only faced by kids but by everyone. The best effect of meditation is the fact that it will improve your attention and concentration.

With just a few sessions of meditation, a person’s ability to memories things improve too. The main reason behind all this is that meditation revolves a lot around concentration.

This activity will improve your work in your jobs too and for the kids, it will be beneficial to score as well as do well in schools.

Meditation Changing Brain: Key Areas Of Brain Change

Mindfulness meditation is good at changing the key or most important areas of the brain. With almost eight weeks of MBSR, the thickness of the part of the brain responsible for learning and memory thickens a great deal. 

The parts which are responsible for your emotion regulation too are changed. The volume of the cell responsible for the feeling of anger, fear, and stress decreases too.

Therefore, apart from changing the parts of the brain, meditation will change our feelings and perceptions too. The brain parts responsible for mood gets affected in a good way too. 

Meditation Changing Brain: Acts as Antidepressants Against Anxiety and Depression

According to the study of meditation’s effect on reducing anxiety, depression, and pain, this practice is of a lot of importance.

Now, the effect of antidepressants on our brain is 0.3 while that of proper meditation is the same too. Hence, we can say that it takes the roles of antidepressants.

Another way to describe this is the fact that meditation is a constant and active training of the brain. It will train to become more and more aware of time. 

However, different forms of meditation will affect your brain in different ways too. This practice will act as a tool to reduce depression inside you.

Therefore, there are a great amount of evidence to prove that meditation is important for your health. The people who practice meditation regularly is the one who will benefit the most. 

Companies like Google and Apple are trying to incorporate mediation as part of their schedule in order to increase productivity and keep their employees stress free.

The best part of meditation is that its effects are seen even after a very short time of doing it too. Trying meditation is pretty important as it has more good effects than bad ones.

You can invest some time either in the morning or evening to do mediate and will certainly feel pretty stress-free and light.