5 Tarot Cards That Can be Used for Healing

5 Tarot Cards That Can be Used for Healing

Tarot cards are being used by readers for many different purposes. Finding problems, giving advice on love and relationship, career, etc. all these things can be achieved by tarot cards but one important work that these cards can do is Healing. Many people turn to tarot cards to heal themselves. Healing doesn’t necessarily mean from any diseases but these cards can also heal one from grief, failed relationships, illness, etc. Many people use tarot cards for meditation and spiritual guidance as well. There are many different cards that can be used to heal any person. Not only healing many health issues can also be seen by tarot cards.

Which tarot cards indicate healing?

There are many cards that can be used for healing. Different readers prefer different cards for healing. Some examples of cards are discussed below with their meanings –

1.      The Hierophant Card– If this card comes this indicates that healing is happening and very soon you will be absolutely become physically or emotionally healthier for physical diseases or emotional breakdown respectively.

2.      The Death Card – This card usually signifies the death of something. When used for healing it can indicate that the illness or the emotional trauma is coming to an end. You will see a new beginning happening in your life after the end of the grief.

3.      Strength Card– This card tells you that you are strong and all the grief and hardships that you are suffering will end and you will come out stronger after the passing of the grief.

4.      Five of Cups Card – This card generally indicates a loss from your life. The man standing with his head down is showing that he is emotionally down with 3 out of 5 cups are tipped over that signifies loss. But this card can be seen as a sign of hope as the remaining 2 cups are still in the upright version telling us to look on the brighter side as well. Though you have suffered a loss still there are things in your life that you should be grateful for. We need to give importance to the things that are still present in our life.

5.      The Star card – The Star card is considered to be the most hope-filled card of all. This card can indicate that healing is on its way you just need a lot of patience and positive thoughts and all the grief will eventually come to an end. It ensures that the Star is always guiding you and good times will return. The Star card is about hope and inspiration. It says us to forgive ourselves or others because of which we think that we are suffering. In the card, you can see a beautiful woman is pouring water into the lake and onto the sand. It can also be seen that one of her legs is in the water and the other one in the sad. The hand with which she is pouring water into the lake is considered to be the conscious mind while the other hand is known as the subconscious mind.

 Apart from the above cards, there are many other cards as well that can be used for healing.