5 Days of Diwali in 2020

5 Days of Diwali in 2020

As the calendar flips towards November and December each year adults, children, companies, housewives, markets, temples and even the weather prepares itself for the festivities of the mega occasion. Although Diwali is specifically the day of the arrival of Lord Ram in his homeland Ayodhya after 14 years of exile and that the day had to be occasional for the citizens of Ayodhya, it became even more special with the victory of Lord Ram against evil intentions.


Diwali in itself is a one-day festival but it is celebrated as festive season month-long and specifically within 5 days. Every year this festival enriches the spirit of joy and with itself brings enlightenment in the lives of people. The Covid-19 pandemic has made the situation a little abnormal but the vibes and joy of the approaching festivities have never lessened. Instead of sitting without enthusiasm and closed doors, celebrate Diwali this year with extraordinary zeal and new hope.

Here's a quick read of what you can do in the 5 festive days of Diwali this year.


Celebrated as the most auspicious day in Hindu culture, Dhanteras is actually the birthday of Sri Dhanvantari, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. One can now purchase utensils, gold, and silver online from a variety of stores with bursting sales. Another way of making this Dhanteras special is to distribute basic utilities amongst those who suffered economic tragedies of the pandemic.

Naraka Chaturdasi

Lord Krishna is known to have killed the demon Narakasura on this day celebrated as Naraka Chaturdasi or Kali Chaudasi. Apart from starting the day with a holy bath one can connect with family and friends via online mode and share the look of their new clothes and makeover. One can also celebrate the day with their immediate families while reciting chapters from Bhagvat Gita and revisiting the epics of 11 avatars of Lord Sri Krishna. Depending on the time a small skit or stage play can also be performed online within the extended family.

Laxmi Pooja

The most important of the five days is the one dedicated to the incarnation of beauty, wealth, prosperity, and fortune, Goddess Laxmi. Known by many other names and in many other forms, Goddess Laxmi is believed to shed her blessings on this day. She is worshipped alongside Lord Ganesha, the god of auspicious occasions.

An Aarti is performed after lightening the lamps in front of their pictures or idols. What can make this occasion special this year is a token of thanks and gratitude to the goddess by a generous donation to the needy. A lot of trusted NGOs and other organizations working to ease the economic burden on people can be approached for the same.

Govardhan Pooja

The fourth festive day of the season is Govardhan pooja which is celebrated in lieu of Lord Krishna's victory over Lord Indra. On this day he taught a great lesson to his people that is to show love for nature and respect it. He gave accounts of bounties showered over the people by the tall Mountain "Govardhan" in making their lives easy and shook people to realize their thanklessness towards it.

Apart from the ritualistic Pooja on this day, this year people can also show their gratitude towards nature in some form of a pledge, by adopting a plant or animal, monitoring the exploitation they cause, etc.

Bhai Dooj

Bhai Dooj is often celebrated online if the brothers or sisters are abroad or busy in some time eating jobs. This year it will make a difference for those as most of the families are back home celebrating each day together.

Brothers and Sisters can actually sit along and share their life experiences, talk about silly things of childhood, eat and pray together for the betterment of each other and share gifts.

Another festival is known as Devotthan Ekadashi or Tulsi Vivah is also celebrated during this time to mark the beginning of the marriage season in Hindu Culture.


Diwali celebration of 2020

Many stars and celebrities are posting about their Diwali plans amidst the pandemic. They are a source of inspiration and ideas for a majority of people. The localities are being decorated and filled with ecstasies of the season within the guidelines of the pandemic. So Diwali is going to be less different this year apart from the distanced relatives and friends. 

People at this time are investing their time in making the Diwali more organic, traditional, and localized by switching to homemade Diwali arts and crafts, purchasing from local vendors, decorating the houses with lanterns and diyas and less preference to crackers.

This Diwali, though different is going to be the most beautiful of all.