4 Zodiac Signs Ranked 1-4 who live in the moment!

4 Zodiac Signs Ranked 1-4 who live in the moment!

Live in the most is the most sought-after quote people recite when they see their friend sad or anxious or when they look after motivating videos to help cheer them up. But no matter how many videos or talks we hold with other people, some way or the other we have to learn to be content with ourselves. Otherwise, we are literally in the bad company, not involving anyone, but the bad company is just us. It has also become very trendy to say “live in the moment” or “YOLO – you only live once”, but the actuality is if you do not live in moments, where else do you live? Past has already gone. That is why it is called Past. Future lies in the prospects we talk about. What is in the middle, the now? It is just the present, the moments we live in.

Following are the 4 Zodiac Signs who live in the moment sporadically and organically without needing anyone to remind them of the simple, basic truth of life.


It is hard to generalize all Leos but the spirit of the Leo is always on. It is in terms of the energy it possesses and radiates off. It is in terms of the excitement and often tempered enthusiasm they show towards showing things. Leo can only be dupe fake people. Otherwise, it is just hard for a Leo to mask off who they are and pretend. Pretending is a waste of time and that is why they are on the top of the Zodiac Signs who live in the moment! They do not need to capture a boomerang or a video to showcase to the whole world that they lived in the moment. Their huge grin will say it all everywhere they will go.


Many people will argue placing Pisces on the second spot. Pisces can oftentimes hide what they are thinking and feeling but they have got no space inside of them to hide things. Whether it be the negative or the positive of the situation, they will express it out loud for people who will hear and understand them. Pisces is known as the Zodiac Sign drunk on imagination and procrastination. But this is what makes them unique. Pisces will express their imagination through means of acting, poetry, drama, crafting literary prose, painting, etc. and they would be wholly involved in it. That is when all the drama fades away from their mind and they realize that a man can only live in the moment, nowhere else.


Aries is our third contender on the list, having the ability to do almost anything with sheer determination and hard work. The fierceness inside an Aries always pulls them to live in the moment. An Aries by default knows that it has to live moment to moment because of the sheer energy they possess. Aries is also not afraid to showcase their emotions, be it an outburst of the angry sort or the outbursts when one cries usually with moistened eyes. When Aries’ energy has a direction, Aries will finish the race first with people gasping at the speed with which they run. Not many know Aries’ potential but they are truly the ones embodying live in the moment phrase.


The last & final Zodiac Sign to live in the moment is our Dear Scorpio. Being a water sign, Scorpio can get into other’s shoes and feel their pains and sorrows and their happiness and mirth. They do it so effortlessly that you won’t even know how much of a strong connection they feel with you but you wouldn’t even be aware of it, rarely if you are not close with them! Live in the moment to Scorpio is inevitable because the ambition inside them never lets them settle for anything less in life. Even when they are drawn to people they shouldn’t, a Scorpio will always teach you a lesson before leaving you. Respect the boundaries that Scorpios help you to create. Scorpios live in the moment so passionately that they do not keep track of time and float effortlessly. They are also capable of being still and being intense at the same.

Live in the moment is not a philosophy or a lyric of a Pop Song trending in the world. It is the very reality of the world we inhabit and the sooner we know of it, the more sensibly and responsibly we will live.