3 tips to seek internal happiness

3 tips to seek internal happiness

Internal happiness is a subject of exploration looked upon by people from every walk of life. The irony is that every time after being explored more deeply the term happiness in life becomes more diverse, branched, and complex.


Every life is filled with the thrill of roller coaster rides and every time our gut squeezes, we cringe on deciding to hop on the ride with enthusiasm, this happens with almost every challenge,  every task, or situation that arises or that we take up in life, but so does Happiness. Happiness is hidden in the moment of challenges, in the moments of hardship, and test. Every time one remembers how they escaped from a robber or caught a train which was already trailing off the platform or any life incident it fills them with the joy of having lived that moment. Besides all discussions and debates, it is true that happiness is a subjective assessment and can be as diverse as the number of people walking on the face of this earth.


Though happiness means and exists differently and in varied ways for everyone, there are some general ways in which one can seek what makes their life worth living.


Do not seek Happiness

People generally cannot relate to this situation besides sometimes knowing that happiness lies in processes and not in results. The wrong picture of happiness is that we seek it as a winning trophy of the task when it is hidden in every corner, cut, and path of the maze. People occupy themselves so vehemently in attaining things to be happy that they forget to live and enjoy those moments of happiness as they were.

The joyful tasks become procrastinated assignments and what could be the source of relief becomes the reason for stressfulness and anxiety. Hard work always pays, but What is the question no one could tell. Working hard for a job to be done without enjoying or being at peace with it might bring satisfaction to the job being done but not the happiness of being the one to complete it.

The key to the door leading to happiness is to smile, observe, and understand what one does.

There is no Mantra to success

All Websites and channels keep filling themselves with interviews from exceptional achievers and life coaches or with texts related to the success mantra for business, a happy life, achievements etc. The basic thing to understand is that every individual is different in their approach towards life and its understanding.

There are different paces with which people work, different targets they tend to achieve, different scales they want to choose for success and also the way they measure success and happiness. With flooding life hacks from different individuals people forget their own understanding of achievement and also the fact that there is no point to live by the standards set by others to be successful or happy.

One might wish to invest their heart and soul in computing and the other might just take it as a job and also pursue to be an author and a singer, but the two situations are never comparable. 


Irrelevance of time

In work life, travel, day and night, summers and winters time might play a very crucial role but time has no significance in being happy. Being happy neither needs nor is dependent on the concepts of time. One might collide with a person someday who just broke up from a serious relationship with a person they love unconditionally and they might seem jolly for a promotion they got from office two days back.

So there's no perfect time to be happy or sad about something, rather it is what one chooses internally to feel and radiate in that moment. There might be tiresome schedules and hours passing like a gust of wind but why not feel the pace of that passing wind on the face? Enjoying a pink sunset from the window of the car struck amidst a traffic jam is purely an intention.


Internal happiness is not the revenue of hard work, achievement is. Internal Happiness is the adoration of the moment, its uniqueness and singularity in space and life.