A beautiful Scandinavian country, Norway, is like a dream travel place for travel enthusiasts. Not only it is known for its beauty, but also for its heritage and culture. A city of historical significance and scenic beauty, Norway is one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the world. Nearly all of the states are having their unique features which make them beautiful in their own way. You wouldn’t want to miss even one city once you travel to that place.

Norway is famous for its green surroundings and museums. The cities of Norway are known for their unique characteristics as well as create lifetime memories in people’s minds. Even the aura of the environment makes Norway special and must to visit for travellers.

One of the most sought after travel destinations, the Nordic countries are a must to go travel destination. There is plenty to see and do at ‘The Land of the Midnight Sun’, another name by which Norway is known as. A unique place which possesses breath-taking beauty, these three places are what you do not want to miss.

Let’s have a sneak peek at these 3 places:



Western Fjords



Oslo is a vibrant city which is known for fulfilling the hunger of its tourists through fine dining and a dash of culture. Whether you go for eating at Norwegians or melt your heart at Italian fare known as ‘Olivia’, your day will not at all be boring here.

This European Green Capital is famous for its museums and greenery. The people who have Scorpio as their zodiacs are more likely to visit this place in Norway as the Scorpions are nature lovers and want their life to be spent in the greenery. So, they look for those places to travel where they can find a lot of greenery around them.

The urban city is all surrounded by the dense forests and the museums too if you are a historical art fan. You can never get bored here as it is more than just museums and greenery here. You can find this place to have one event or another throughout the year which is never boring for the travellers to attend and enjoy as well as immerse in it.



A sweet treat for the adventure lovers in Norway is Svalbard. Lying between Mainland Norway and the North Pole, this place will make you experience the wonder of Northern Lights. Say hello to the Santa Claus here who is about to take off on his trip around the world.

This place is going to be a heaven for you if you are a wildlife fan as well as love coasts at the same time. You will never want to leave this place for sure. Being in the Arctic Ocean or you can say the midway between the North Pole and Norway, this place will help you to experience a whole range of exotic activities which are never-ending, i.e., they go on throughout the year.

The rugged and fragile nature of this area makes sure that the travellers here do not lose their interest till the last day of their visit and, thus, making them wanting more time to stay here. Whether it is the exotic activity of ice caving or it is the activity of snowmobile safari, the travellers here are going to experience a lot of new things.

Believe it or not, but the travellers who have Aries as their zodiac, are going to love this place as the Aries are believed to be adventure lovers who love to try new things.


Being on top in the travellers’ list, a trip to Fjords is a lifetime memory. Going to Norway and not visiting Fjords is like visiting India and not going to Taj Mahal. Formed during the succession of ice ages, the Fjords is a spectacular sight to see.

When the World Heritage site meets modification, produces places like that of fjords. Norway’s second-largest city, Bergen, has the world’s most beautiful fjords which cannot go unnoticed at any costs. With full of innovation in every field, whether it is fashion or culture, you are not going to regret what you will see.

Yes, just like in the movies, you can watch the whole city from the top of the mountains and experience its beauty in the fresh air where you will directly feel the rays of sun on you. Feeling excited already? Well, we suggest you do not cut this place off from your list then.

What is on your list? Do not forget to mark these three in your travelling. These places are worth to go for and we assure you that you won’t get disappointed. Happy journey to the Norway land!!!!

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