17th – 18th April’s Weekend Sex Horoscope For All Zodiacs Signs!

The New Moon that just occurred on 12 April in Aries, gives us a clean new slate to plan our lives and live according to our desires, preferences, ambitions, etc. This article will provide you with detailed insights on how to make the most of the weekend with your partner or solo according to your zodiac sign. You do not have to remain in doubt whether Astrology can tell you about your sexual preferences. You’ll be very surprised to know that it can very aptly. Weekends are for rest, for rejuvenation and to be at home, away from the stress and fret of the workplace. Whether you’re married or not, you’ve got to read about the Weekend Sex Horoscopes for all zodiacs right here! 

Let us first read about the Weekend Sex Horoscope for all the Fire Signs of the Zodiac Circle. 

Fire Zodiac Signs Weekend Sex Horoscope

 Three of the zodiac signs in the Zodiac wheel are ruled by the Element of Fire. These are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. When we try to look at the nature of the fire, it is something that fuels life, it gives life. With its warmth and heat, it enlivens us up. These zodiac signs share a very close connection with the characteristics of Fire. These signs are fiery, confident, frank, and bold. It is a misconception to assume that all Fire signs are angry in general. 

 Now, regarding the matters of sex and the body, Fire Signs broadly love someone bold in their approach. Just like a fire when letting outspreads across space very fast, these zodiac signs are a sucker for passionate lovemaking. They love to be extravagant in their bedroom, trying out the trendiest lingerie to impress their partner. Let us now look at the individual Weekend Sex Horoscope predictions for the Fire Zodiacs beginning from Aries. 


Aries is a zodiac sign which loves teasing, playfulness and appreciates honesty in the bedroom. Aries want to suck it all up whether it be the mischievous atmosphere of the bedroom or their partner’s toes. It is recommended for Aries that they try having sex without any kind of sex toy or external stimulation tool. Let it be all-natural for you and your partner, Aries. When you’re focused on the pleasure of your partner, they’ll gratify and reciprocate the same way to you. You can have a little weekend getaway if you cannot get some alone time at home due to some situations. You will love the new change and it will get your belly stirring for days on end even at the thought of it!


 Leos may act all confident and impetuous on the outside, but they’re the most controlled zodiac signs. They know the pros and the cons of a situation and prefer to act accordingly. However, my dear Leos, due to this, most of your desires and wishes have been locked away inside your head for a very long time. You haven’t shared them with anyone and it kills you that you cannot express them without sounding like a total maniac. Whatever it is that you wish to dip your toes in, communication is the key with your partner if you live with one. They’ll be pleased by your honesty and love your sexual ideas no matter how different or kinky they might. Honest communication is the key to a fulfilling sex life and you will do just that this weekend! Get ready for some discussion and then some hot action in your bedroom, dear Leo!


 A Sag is a pretty chill zodiac sign until they are face to face with their crush or somebody they like. Pleasing a Sagittarius is not very hard. According to the Weekend Sex Horoscope, it is recommended that you let go of all your inhibitions, dear Sag. You do not have to feed your inferiority complex by comparing your body with others. You’re unique and perfect the way you are. Your insecurities cannot rule you. You have to draw a boundary before you can lead a healthy and very fulfilling sex life. This weekend is perfect for you to strip down, be in your room alone and ogle at yourself in front of the mirror. 

Graze your hands from your neck to your chest and then to your buttocks. Turn around and smile. You’ve got an amazing body, appreciate it Sagittarius. If you have a partner, they would love to see you like this, admiring your beauty. To make this experience more sexually stimulating you should masturbate and be as loud as you can. Do not let any fear rule you from living the most grateful life you can!


Earth Signs Weekend Sex Horoscope

 Just like the Fire signs, there are three of the Earth’s zodiac signs in the Zodiac Wheel. These include Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. The characteristics of the Earth are stable, grounding, and firm. It is very easy to trust an Earth sign because they are blunt themselves and cannot hold all the rubbish, they listen from others with themselves.  

Regarding the matters of sex and the body, oh my my, Earth signs are very sensual. They love the caressing, the touching. The physical form of affection pleases them the most. They’re oftentimes very territorial of their partner but do not alter this quality as possessiveness. They do not wish to change their partners frequently and prefer long-term relationships. Sex is something they take very seriously. They’re usually so rubbed down that sex becomes very important to them. It is an activity where they can let their imaginations run wild so they can run wild as well. 


 The Taurus zodiac sign is in for a treat this weekend. Taurus are suckers for physical touches. If you have a Taurus as your partner, make sure to shower them with kisses and touches on every crook and cranny of their body. They will melt away. 

 According to the Weekend Sex Horoscope, you Taurus should take a bath and melt all your stress away. Light one or two candles in your bathroom and romanticize the space with different accessories of your liking. As much as sex is about the act of copulation and penetration, it is also about intimacy and being silent with your partner. You can do this activity alone or indulge with your partner. Have a shower together or a bath together. Have fun. Do this with utmost softness in your touch and your heart. Imagine that you’re doing it for the very first time. You will surely love the experience. 



For all the Virgos out there, you love imagining stuff inside your head. According to the Weekend Sex Horoscope, you’ve been imagining all sorts of things that you wish to do with your partner. The tendency of a Virgo matches that with a switch. Virgos never hesitate to be the Dom or the Sub. For them, sex is not just about the power dynamic but the warm intimate connection they share with their partner. They do not treat it as a power dynamic but something that is sacred and should happen within the closed quarters of their home. Try to dirty talk Virgo. Do not be shy and enjoy whatever you speak. Give a sexy little lap dance to your partner and sit up close to them so your faces touch. It depends on you to which direction you want to pilot your sex life towards, according to the Weekend Sex Horoscope for all the zodiacs. 



A Capricorn is very reserved by nature. Although they wish to excel in everything that they do. For a Capricorn to be extremely open and not coy, they need a partner that can make it happen. They feel an inability of sorts to communicate openly with others. It is not just at first glance but they need the constant assurance for their intricately deep and warm inner self to open up. 

 For a Capricorn, Sex is something that they engage in with extreme trust and faith. It is not about what is in the trend, they make the love making their own. 

According to the Weekend Sex Horoscope, all the Caps should invest their time in grooming and beauty. They hardly give any time to themselves. After the grooming and beauty session, they should engage in lovemaking with their partner if they have one. The continuous amalgamation of devoting time to themselves will bring out the best in them.


Water Signs Weekend Sex Horoscope

 Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are the three of the Water signs in the Zodiac wheel. Intuitive by nature, these zodiacs’ feelings run deep like a river. They crave the ultimate union in their partnerships with people. They act on their feelings and can sometimes be very impulsive. Just like water, they can take any form through their emotional intelligence, that is why Water signs are considered the most soothing zodiac signs ever.

 Coming to the matters of sex and the body, for Water Signs, it is not just about the physical affection and union as it is about the emotional connection. They will reach the heights of their ecstasy when they share a very deep emotional connection with someone, they’re having sex with. They love to try out anything new and very experimental contrary to the stereotype painted under their image. 



For a Cancer, writing down about their feelings and their moods will help them know what they need the most during this weekend. Cancers are often workaholics which makes them neglect their own bodily needs sometimes. They may not be able to notice it right away but they get frustrated later by neglecting their own needs and desires for the work they do. If you’re a Cancer reading this, take some time out for yourself and bask in the experience of being alone. You do not have to do anything dear Cancer. Be alone and de-clutter your mind. 

Spend time with your partner and for a lovemaking session, you can make it anything you want. You can dabble in with an imaginary scenario to arouse yourself and your partner as dirtily as you want. You can try out the Standing Room sex position with your partner. You’ll feel very connected this way and will thank your partner for the best experience you haven’t had lately. 



Scorpios are very demanding by nature. They want everything to be perfect and in place. They have got an eye for aesthetics and try to beautify their surroundings as much as possible. For Scorpios, sex is about pleasuring their partner. They love oral sex and trying out different sex positions with their partner. If you have a partner who is a Scorpio, you know what to do this weekend to please them. 

To make the lovemaking experience deeper and more profound, Scorpio, you can let your partner dominate you according to the Weekend Sex Horoscope insights. With the loss of power, you will be able to surrender very easily and submit to your partner. You’ll be so aroused by them taking charge that it will be impossible not to have sex over and over again with them this weekend! 



The coquettish Pisces seem innocent on the outside but have a very dirty mind of their own. Their favorite pastime is to indulge in their daydreams and fantasies. Their wonderland consists of everything they are not able to do in their real life. They are extremely fond of roleplaying and imagining voyeurism scenarios inside their head for the thrill of it.  

If you’re planning to have sex this weekend, dear Pisces, you should have sex in your car or on your balcony to feed your desires. You’d love the thrill of being naked and having sex with people watching. If you are fond of the BDSM lifestyle, you can join clubs and taste the experience and see what it has to offer. 

Air Signs Weekend Sex Horoscope

Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are the three zodiac signs in the Zodiac Wheel which are ruled by the Element of Air. Just like Air, they love to float around and expand their horizons and perceptions by socializing with a varied bunch of people. They’re not afraid of saying the unpopular thing and will always be staunch in what they believe in and what their vision is. 

Matters regarding sex and sexual preferences, the Air Signs, love a partner who can stimulate them intellectually. They want to have sex with somebody they can converse with freely and without any inhibition. Usually born with a blunt tongue, no Taboo is a taboo for our dear air signs. 



According to the weekend sex horoscope, Geminis will prefer to be alone. There’s nothing wrong with spending time with yourselves dear Gemini. You should devote more time yourself and recharge yourself for the next week. However, if you are reading to know about your Weekend sex horoscope, you can indulge in a masturbating session with your partner if you have one on call. Dirty talks stimulate you a lot Gemini and sharing that experience with someone you love sends jitters down your body and tingling in your toes. Make the most of it by sharing your deepest and wildest fantasies.



For a Libra, nothing is more attractive than a partner who can keep up with their speedy thoughts and thought patterns. According to the Weekend Sex Horoscope, Libra, you can buy or order some new clothes to spice up your sex life. These clothes could be lingerie or a dress that will show off your curves the right way. If you are a man reading this, you can buy a male piece of clothing which makes you feel confident and handsome, dear Libra. Admire yourself and then think about getting down and dirty with your partner.

They’d love to see you all decked and dressed up in the best clothes. You can share a glass or a two of wine on the couch and tell each other how much you’ve missed spending time with one another and the weekend is just the right time to make the most of it… Try out the face-to-face position while having sex with your partner Libra. This way you’ll be able to maintain eye contact with your partner.



The cool and the placid Aquarius is all about experimenting in the bedroom with their partner. According to the Weekend Sex Horoscope, Aquarius, you should have sex in the night-time as night is the time you function at your best. Forget the traditional and try to think of something innovative with your partner for the Weekend. You can have a long cuddle session on your bed and top it off with a ruggedly 69 sexual position to feel the passion and the dirtiness of the position all wrapped up in one. 

All the suggestions are listed out keeping in mind the nature of all the Zodiac signs. These suggestions are not just fun but can help you, leader, a healthier sex life with your partner where communication forms the most important key after trust. If you trust your partner, you will be able to communicate better no matter what. 

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