13 and its Spooky Role in Astrology

13 and its Spooky Role in Astrology

Numerology is essentially the belief that one particular number or a group of numbers has a mystical or divine connection and is linked to coincidences occurring in life. Numerology is not to be confused with number theory which belongs to the branch of pure mathematics. Numerology is the study of the letters of a numerical value, in ideas, words, and names. Numerology has an association with paranormal events alongside having its branch in astrology and other divinatory arts. The art of numerology has a lot of controversies attached to it. There have been many critics who have been skeptical of the significance it holds. It is often considered to be superstition and pseudoscience. However, that does not explain the various incidents that have taken place with the association to numbers, since time immemorial. Take the instance of the years ending with 20 itself. 1820 marked the first cholera pandemic, 1920 was the year of the great depression, and do I even need to talk about the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, that ravaged the entire world bringing most to the streets? 

Thus, today’s article is going to be about the significance of the number 13 and its role in astrology.


The role of the number 13:

The number 13 has always had negative connotations attached to it. It is one of the most feared numbers. It is said that this number is associated with the realm of the paranormal and ghosts and thus brings bad luck. There have been many instances that have made people believe in such things and pass on the belief to generations after. The number is feared to such extent that people have come up with the concept of ‘Friday the 13th’ a day which is said to be haunted and also, there have been hotels and apartments built in such a way that the 13th floor does not exist. 


Language of the number 13:

In Hindi, 13 translates to ‘Terah’ which essentially means ‘yours’. This number is said to be a representative of your karmas. If studied in the spiritual sense, it may also mean that everything belongs to one powerful force above- God or the Creator, including the soul of a human being.


Significant in a Tarot reading:

If the number 13 shows up in a tarot reading, it is said to be connected to a test, suffering, and sometimes even death. It generally symbolizes death to the matter, i.e., oneself and the birth of a spirit (indicating afterlife). The Tarot card deck containing the number 13 is called the card of death. However, it is generally used to signify the end of a period of suffering. It is also used to mark hesitation of some sort, uncertainty at the end of something, and the beginning of the transformation to a new path.


The number 13 and its connection with femininity:

There are 13 lunar menstrual cycles in a year and thus, the number 13 represented femininity in ancient cultures. The theory that was believed said that the number thirteen was considered to be anathema when the solar calendar triumphed over the lunar calendar. 


Why is it considered to be bad luck?

As stated earlier the number thirteen is said to bring bad luck and misfortunes in one’s life. This concept has its roots in Biblical times. Judas, who is known to have betrayed Jesus, was the 13th disciple. The 13th chapter of the Revelation is devoted to the beast and anti-Christ feelings. 13th was also the day when Jesus succumbed to his injuries on the cross. Ancient myths also state that a year that contained 13 moons instead of the regular 12, caused an array of troubles for the monks who were in charge of making calendars.

However, in every century, there is the occurrence of 37 years which has the presence of 13 full moons. So, it is more of a natural occurrence than something which has been gifted as a boon to humanity. On the other hand, fortune tellers have known to predict better futures for Friday the 13th. In modern times, there has been a tradition followed in France where Friday the 13th has been considered to be a day to bet money and thus France organizes a special drawing.