We all like to explore the various traits of the zodiacs that revolve around us. There are 12 zodiacs and each of them holds their own power to regulate the existence of the universe. There are various planets, colours, stones, number, etc. are attached to these specific zodiacs through which the right path can be acquired if kept in mind.

Here are the zodiac’s list and their favourable energies, at a glance.


Aries is symbolized with the Ram and the planet ruling this zodiac is Mars. Fire is the element and the colour favoured is Red and scarlet. The lucky stones for this zodiac are Red Coral and Amethyst whereas the unlucky stone is Emerald. The numbers that favour the sun sign are 6 and 9. The main parts of the body are Head and Brain.


Taurus bears the symbol of the Bull. The planet that rules this zodiac is Venus. Earth is their element and the colours that are auspicious for them are White and Green. The favourable stones for this zodiac are Coral, Emerald and Diamond and on the contrary, the unfavourable stone is Yellow Sapphire. The number that stands by this sun sign are 5 and 6. The body part that is extremely sensitive is the throat.


Gemini is symbolized with the Twins and the planet ruling the Twins is Mercury. Air is the element and the Green, Orange and Yellow are your auspicious shades. Aquamarine and Agate are the stones which bestow good luck. But Red Coral is unlucky. Favourable numbers for this zodiac are 5 and 6 along with the add-up of 9 which results in 14, 23 and 32. The body parts which are highly sensitive are the Arms, Right Ear, Shoulders, Right Hand, etc.


The Crab is the symbolization of the zodiac, Cancer. The element that connects to their realm is Water. Blue and Silver shades work magic in their life. The planet that is favourable to them is the Moon. The mystical crystal or stone for them are Pearl and the Moonstone. Yet the one harmful in your favour is the Blue Sapphire. The numbers which always sides your luck are 2, 9 and 7. The body parts that captivates their sensitivity is the Chest.


Leos rule the symbol resonating to the zodiac, Leo. The planet that rules their zodiac is the Sun. Fire is their soul element. Golden, Orange, Cream, Red and Yellow are the shades that blend to the luck for the good fortune. The stones that supports their luck are Amber and Ruby. Blue Sapphire is the stone to be aware of. Their number for the fortunate luck are 9, 5 and 1. Intestines and Leo’s heart are the parts of their body that rules their sensitive zone.


The Virgin are the ones that stands as a symbol for Virgos. Their planet that rules is the Mercury. Yellow, White, Orange, Green and Grey are their auspicious shades. The stones that are proven to be lucky for this sign is the Yellow Sapphire but they need to keep away from the stone, Red Coral. The numbers that showers them with luck are 2, 5 and 6. The parts of their body, Bowels and Abdomen are the sensitive areas to be taken care of.


The Scales are the acute symbolization for this constellation zodiac, named Libra. Venus is the planet that works in their favour. Venus is their ruler among the planets. The shades of the tinge that spreads positive auras around them are Jade Green and Blue. The stones that bring fortune and luck with them are Emerald, Diamond, Turquoise and Sapphire except for the Yellow Sapphire. 6, 5 and 9 are their chief numbers in the world of numerology. Loins, Kidneys and Spins are the body’s parts that are quite sensitive on your side.


The Scorpions are the symbols that marks the zodiac sign of the mysterious Scorpio. Water is their source of soul energy. The planet that rules this sign is the Mars. The hues that favour their luck of life is Violet and the killer Red. The stones that shines their luck are Bloodstone, Yellow Sapphire and Red Coral. On the other side, Emerald does not favour them to flourish. The numbers that brighten their luck are 4, 1 and 7. The sensitive part of their body is their erogenous zones.


The Archer is the representation of the zodiac, Sagittarius. Fire enlightens their soul element. The planet that controls this sign is Jupiter. Their lucky colourful shades are White, Orange, Light Blue and Cream. Turquoise and Yellow Sapphire are their blessed stones. But Diamond and Pearls might yield negative energies. The numbers that are proven to be holding luck are 3, 6, 5 and 8. Thighs, as well as the hips, are their special parts of the body.


Capricorn is symbolized by the resemblance of The Goat. The element belonging to this zodiac is Earth. The planetary ruler of the Capricorn is Saturn. Indigo and Black are their auspicious hues. The stones that favour the luck towards positive vibrations are Black Onyx as well as Emerald. Red Ruby and Yellow Sapphire are purely inauspicious for them. The numbers based on good luck are 9, 8 and 6. Knees are their sensitive zone, according to the body parts.


The Water Bearer is the symbol, carried by the zodiac of Aquarius. Air is its main element. Saturn and Uranus are the ruling planets for the sun sign. The lucky colours that brighten their path towards positivity are Grey, Ultramarine Blue and Electric Blue. Opal, Black Pearl and Sapphire are the favourable stones awarding good luck. Pearls are the stone to be avoided. The numbers that turn the luck towards goodness are 3, 7, 2 and 9. Legs are a sensitive part compared to the other parts of the body.


Fishes are the representative symbol of the zodiac, Pisces. Water is the element that grants them power. The planets that rule their sign are Neptune and Jupiter. Aqua and Sea Green are the tints that favour them with luck and love. Red Coral, as well as Yellow Sapphire, are the stones to wear for getting showered with happiness and good luck. Blue Sapphire and Ruby are to be kept away to prevent negative vibes. 7 and 3 are the lucky numbers to go for. Feet are the most sensitive amongst their body parts.