12 Houses of Zodiac Signs

12 Houses of Zodiac Signs

Zodiac Signs are the way to find a better understanding of the world we live in

Astrology generates faith and a deeper understanding of our life. The clarification of each zodiac's interpretation often shows certainty but more importantly, they are expected to present you a way to resolve the difficulties and to improve our relationships with our family, partners, and friends. Keep yourself updated with the trusted teller for your horoscope. We are here at your help for you to guide & let you discover your own inner worlds in a different light. Every star is having a different location and time & we’re here to help your destiny by the positioning of stars, helping your daily horoscope signs with us. Each of the 12 houses rules certain areas of life, types of your relationship, people and ideas.


Details of the house ruled Zodiac Signs:


Aries (The First House) - [March 21 - April 19]

The Ascendants, also known as the first house, people from the ascendants are energetic, like the first rush of springtime. They proceed into the world in a headstrong & pioneering way. The sign on the cusp, the edge of this house, is your rising sign. According to Aries's house, you have great vitality, with a tremendous need to be physically alike. This house belongs to Aries Energy.


While the sun exposes our truth and the moon reflects our emotions, the Ascendant reveals their personal landscape, the image they project to the society is the way they start things, the general outlook on life, or their bonding with the environment.


Taurus (The Second House) - [April 20 - May 20]

People from the Succedent house reveal their nature of natural talents, with a sense of basic values and ethics. They involve their personal possessions financially and materially. Taurus are mostly self-esteemed; their stubbornness is mostly a commitment towards their achievements in life whatever it takes for them. That's why they make them good employees and longtime partners and friends.

They do mostly tend to seek security from the material world, the house corresponding to Taurus enjoys earthly pleasures and does their job completely.


Gemini (The Third House) - [May 21 - June 20]

Also known as the cadent house, these people are focused in terms of being social. They rule over communication in anyways. Their energy helps them to converse and collaborate to fly and reach their peak flags. They are more of a cutting-edge when it comes to change in personalities, they change in no time faster than the weather with different moods.


The people of Gemini are dominant over community affairs and are motivated by expressions.


Cancer (The Fourth House) - [June 21 - July 20]

Cancer are born with a unique outlook of domesticity, symbolizing their energy in home and family. They cultivate deep roots for the maternal figure, being close to their mom. They are intuitive and nurturing, but as we say they can be moody when are threatened into their works, just like when a crab when it feels uncomfortable.

This fourth house also called the angular house, they change accordingly if they feel that's the right way, like a caregiver. Their Planetary ruler is Moon encouraging them to invest in the infrastructure by creating more private, nurturing spaces within.


Leo (The Fifth House) - [July 23 - August 22]

People of the Leo House are a bit of creativity in nature. Their planetary ruler is Sun, and its ruler itself is hard to be humble, so they become hard-headed or heat up along with their dramatic nature. Leadership qualities are in them by nature and need large doses of praises and appreciation when it comes to their ruling quality. So, it’s up to them how they lead their way by help, spoil or love their friends.

Their links to intrinsic artistic expression boost their confidence when it comes to the big moments they have achieved. Most of the time they are colorful in terms of lifestyle.


Virgo (The Sixth House) - [August 23 - September 22]

People attaining this zodiac sign of the sixth house are career-oriented. They are fueled to focus on self-management, nutrition, and health, totally build with full energy within themselves. They prioritize the wellbeing of their friends, family and the mother earth, also with their impeccable work. Their motive to help is always present calling themselves as a sign of service. Planets transiting the sixth house, Virgo helps people to make habits and redefine schedules in life.


Their domain of heath and service determines them as a perfectionist. Letting their friends pitch in and support them will make them open up a little more, defining them much better. The cadent house's planetary ruler is Mercury.


Libra (The Seventh House) - [September 23 - October 22]

This seventh house, called the Descendants is the sign of better partnership and relationship. People of this Zodiac sign are a fighter by nature, they hate and can't stand anything which is unfair by its means. The Librans are the sign of harmony, known for their good taste of choices. When it comes to making firm decisions they may struggle, but they are a social butterfly who loves to be surrounded by people in a lovely setting. The house of Librans speaks out of our attitude towards the surroundings or the people around us.


Their perspective plays an important role which results in a very long-lasting companionship & focuses on the image of others than themselves, being the mirror image of Aries (The First House).


Scorpio (The Eighth House) - [October 23 - November 21]

The Scorpio house, known to be succedent is the only house that is full of inexplicable and cryptic in nature. According to its mythology the planetary ruler Pluto, known to be the god of the underworld portrays one's powerful presence where their loved ones can sense them strongly. Besides being a mysterious one, they likely to generate very terrific romances and are often attracted to supernatural topics. People born in Scorpio being naturally secretive can work on being more open to their loved ones.


 Their possessive feelings or jealousy if poured in positive energy could introduce them into some creative project or passion.


Sagittarius (The Ninth House) - [November 22 - December 21]

The people of the ninth house, Sagittarius reflect immense energy and confidence. Their life is full of excitement, adventurous and bags full of opportunities because of their ambitious nature. They are honest, which is likable to most of the people around them. They tend to be extremely curious and perceive a perspective totally out of the box. They juggle a million projects, hobbies and friends the merrier they feel the better they get in their ways.


Capricorn (The Tenth House) - [December 22 - January 19]

The people born in Capricorn are at the apex of the zodiac charts, their success is highly appreciated and is signified as their height of success. By governing public image, professional aspirations, and career achievements essential to the Capricorns. Their energy is more of a responsibility, personal reputation among society. The border of this particular house is Midheaven, which symbolizes them as to follow their paths traditionally, the way it should be in their life.


Aquarius (The Eleventh House) - [January 20 - February 18]

The people of this group are more of an energetic and define their role in the society, They are capable of perceiving their future and positioning their goals, being witty towards the situation & have an enthusiastic approach towards their thoughts and works. They can be introvert most of the time but need time to have a better conversation.

Their quality of freely expressing their thoughts and emotions allows their individual growth and gives the opportunity to truly become enlightened and free.


Pisces (The Twelfth House) - [February 19 - March 20]

The twelfth house, the cadent are hidden and private by nature. They keep themselves associated with the separation within the society, general day to day life events around them. Instead, they keep themselves they govern all things that exist without physical forms, like dreams, secrets, and emotions. Your imagination is the perfect hideout when you want to escape, bringing creativity into your life.